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Apr 3, 2008 04:42 AM

eastern standard just lost our saturday night reservation for!

a friend's 30th birthday is this weekend and we had a reservation for 12 people at eastern standard. when another friend called to confirm the reservation they apparently had no clue about the reservation and are totally booked.
i looked on opentable and didn't find anything that interesting that can accomodate a large group but i'm sure that many restaurants don't use opentable for such large parties. any other suggestions of restaurants around the same price point as eastern standard that could potentially seat a large group and be a fun atmosphere? People are converging at the bday girl's apartment in the back bay first so someplace relatively close to back bay/south end/downtown would be preferred.

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  1. Union, Rocca, Gaslight? Green St.? Beacon St. Tavern?

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      1. I would second Green Street-they are good at accomodating large(ish) parties and have a lot of good drink options (plus an under-rated wine list) for a birthday

        1. Bouchee? Brasserie Jo? Avila?

          1. The original comment has been removed