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Apr 2, 2008 07:42 PM

James Beard awards: "bought and paid for"

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Why are we paying attention to this "bought and paid for" award?? Note one of many articles demonstrating the prostitution of James Beard:

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  1. The NYT article was written 3.5 years ago. I wonder if there's a more recent report on the Beard foundation.

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      1. re: hotfoodhot

        That blog article is a little over 2 years old. I'm not willing to accept that the JB awards are "bought and paid for" unless I see something more recent.
        The owners of the 3 central NJ restaurant nominees all have good reputations, and years of doing good work. I find it hard to believe that any of them bought this recognition.

    1. imho there is no other award that recognizes outstandingly talented chefs like graham elliot bowles and gives them the national media attention they deserve.

      plus, there has been a new president in place since at least september 06. how long does she have to live in the shadow? if the food world can't recognize the change a new chef in the kitchen can bring about, i don't know where else brands will be forgiven for past mistakes.

      1. The three Minneapolis restaurants that were nominatied are three out of four of the best restaurants in the state and probably the region. I don't see anything fishy there. I can't speak of the other nominations.

        1. I wasn't aware that any of the accusations about the Beard Foundation centered around the awards being "bought and paid for." That is not to say that the food establishment isn't "ingrown," but the nominations for the Beard Awards strike me as being closer to "conventional wisdom" than bought and paid for.