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breakfast place in long beach or south L.A.

Looking for a great breakfast place on the way to L.A. from O.C. maybe in long beach or south L.A. area
... Any suggestions?

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  1. Bake 'N Broil in Long Beach, many threads already on this subj. in Long Beach and about this place. Also, if you want something different there are places for Chinese Breakfast in Cerritos and today I am trying a Cambodian breakfast place on Cherry in Long Beach.

    1. The Gaffey St Diner in San Pedro also has fans.

      1. This has been posted many times but Old Town on Main Street in Seal Beach is open only for breakfast and lunch.

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          Only for breakfast and lunch? We go there (Main Street in Seal Beach) all the time for breakfast or dinner. Walt's Warf is open for lunch and dinner. The bbq place http://beachwoodbbq.com/ is open for dinner, and I'm sure there are others. Seafood Grotto has moved to Lampson Ave. in Seal Beach about one block west of Garden Grove city line.
          For a real "Homey" breakfast place on Main Street try the little place (I think it's called the Main Street Cafe - the one with a Dutch door) toward the middle of the north side of the street. A lot of the locals eat there. Also, both the Irish pub/cafes have pretty good breakfasts. Kinda Lahaine (did I spell it right?) is now open again at the corner near the pier. Breakfast is pretty good there if you don't mind the squeeze seating around the perimeter.

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            That reminds me. Nick's on Main St. in Seal Beach is great for breakfast burritos.

        2. Schooner or Later, on Alamitos Bay in Long Beach.
          As the OP said, Old Town, or any of the other little cafes on Main Street in Old Town Seal Beach. I particularly like Cafe Lafayette.

          1. In the Belmont Heights area of Long Beach, are a few good ones: The Coffee Cup at 4th and Grand, the Potholder at Newport and Broadway, the Starling Diner on 3rd and Termino, and closer to Downtown is the Park Pantry at Broadway and Junipero.

            And Bake n Broil.

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              Great choices. Our first is Bake n Broil and then Coffee Cup.

            2. Agree that these are good choices. I second Bake 'N Broil, the Potholder, Schooner or Later, and would throw in the juevos rancheros at Egg Heaven. I would go with either Bake 'N Broil or Schooner or Later depending on the vibe. Bake 'N Broil is more coffee shop, while Schooner or Later is more laid back, outside, drink a soju bloody mary or beer vibe.

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                Schooner or Later is lovely on a nice morning when you can go for a stroll around the marina area afterwards. We love to get out and go for a walk after a meal. And after a Schooner breakfast, you need a good walk - they're very hearty!

                1. Martha's in Hermosa Beach, Chez Melange in Redondo.

                  1. If you like waiting at LEAST an hour, then definitely go to Schooner or Later. Otherwise, head to The Potholder.

                    from www.thatgirlcaneat.blogspot.com ...

                    "We shared two things like usual, but that girl was trying to be semi-good and got the "Skinny Dip" (turkey french dip) instead of her usual turkey melt oozing with gooey swiss on crunchy buttery sourdough. But I digress. It was still good due to fresh roasted turkey but just not the same. Plus there wasn't that much meat on the sandwich. It came with a bowl of turkey au jus. More like a bowl of turkey soup but very tasty. Seasoned curly fries on the side, nice and crisp. These are usually straight fries but our lovely waitress, Tamara, said they vary and can be straight, curly or waffle.

                    The star of the show was definitely the french toast we shared. Golden soft with crisp edges, relaxing comfortably in a wading pool of melted butter and dusted with cinnamon powdered sugar. Maple and boysenberry syrup on the side. I like maple with a few drops of boysenberry.

                    Boyfriend likes that the waitress sits in the booth with you when she takes the order. Usually she sits on my side, eliciting all sorts of random comments from boyfriend that cannot be said here. But today Tammy sat next to my man and I'm not mad at her. When you work for tips, you do what you gotta do.

                    Two final notes of interest... Potholder is now open for dinner serving the usual breakfast and sandwiches plus Mexican food. Now I don't have to get out of bed until 5:00pm on Saturday to get my french toast. Woo Hoo! Plus, their drinks have chewable pebble ice. This may seem a moot point to the undistinguished ice tea drinker but I personally love crunching on these little morsels. Remember when Taco Bell had this ice in the 80's? You 'member!"

                    3700 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803