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Apr 3, 2008 12:29 AM

Hop 15 on tap in SF

Anyone know of this beer showing up on tap in the Bay Area? I have had it in the bottle on several occasions and feel it is the greatest challenge to the Elder in terms of hop induced ecstasy. Besides a freak occurence at the 547, does anyone know where I could try this on tap?

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  1. If you can manage it, get your hands on Alpine's Pure Hoppiness. It's in the same league as both Hop 15 and Pliny (and all three come from San Diego brewers).

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    1. re: Josh

      More Simcoe induced hopiness? I will have to imbide when I do my 2008 SD Beer Bust. Does South Bay Drugs generally carry the PH?

      1. re: pininex

        They do, yes. It's also normally on draft at both O'Brien's Pub, and Downtown Johnny Brown's. Pizza Port may have it, too.

      2. re: Josh

        Isn't Pliny brewed by RRBC, in Santa Rosa?

        But I agree with Alpine's Pure Hoppiness, its excellent.

        1. re: shellshock24

          It is, but Vinnie Cilurzo, the owner and brewer for RRBC, cut his brewing teeth in Temecula, and his Blind Pig IPA was one of San Diego's earliest hoppy IPAs.

      3. I had Hop 15 yesterday. And of the style, Hop 15 (and its apparent twin Southern Tier UnEarthly) have been my least favorite. I'm just not a fan of their pronounced maltiness resulting in strong flavors of molasses, fig, raison, prune . . . They taste like liquid mince meat pie to me. Of DIPAs I lean more toward Double Simcoe.

        Full disclosure: My favorite style is Pilsner.

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        1. re: Chinon00

          You might like Stone Ruination. Of the DIPAs I've had it's among the least malty.