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Apr 2, 2008 11:30 PM

Do you wash bagged lettuce/greens?

I do, even the ones that say they're triple washed and what not...

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  1. I do. I saw some TV show once where they had labs look for bacteria in bags of greens marked washed and triple washed, etc. and they all came back positive for bacteria. They concluded that no matter how often they are washed, if greens are placed in a sealed bag, bacteria will develop over a short period of time. So you should always wash your greens no matter what they say.

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    1. re: Fuser

      im lazy and dont washed bagged dole greens or any other bagged brand
      i do wash bagged spinach though

      i guess im a rebel without a cause

    2. all you need to do is wash them and place in a salad spinner and look atthe water that comes off the salad. You will always wash them after seeing the color of the water from this supposed "pre-washed" bag.

      Jfood always washes.

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        I always wash bagged greens too, and wonder what on earth causes that scary greenish-blue water in the spinner. Could it be some sort of anti-bacterial wash??? I buy organic, BTW!

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          Then you get organic scary greenish-blue water in the spinner. Either way iut gets washed at casa jfood.

      2. Ever since the scare around here with e-coli & salmonella being found on the bagged stuff, I'm afraid of it & only buy loose greens. It's probably just as tainted, but I feel better.

        1. Always. Most of the recalls that occured in the past seem to have been the type that are bagged.

          1. when I am feeling lazy, & dont cut my own lettuce, and buy the bagged lettuce, I do wash it in cold water. Not so much to clean it, but to crisp it up & revitalize it in the cold water.