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Apr 2, 2008 11:28 PM

Eugene CSAs-recs and a question

I think we'll split a share this year with friends, so am looking for any recommendations from fellow chowhounders. We'd like a mix of fruits and veggies. Local food only (there's one here that we tried-all organic, but they were giving us imported mangoes in July, and no Oregon berries).

Also, when I looked at a list of area CSAs, I noticed that at least two of them-Horton Road and another I can't remember-are skipping the 2008 season, stating they'll be back next year. Anyone know what that's about?

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  1. Saturday market starts this weekend (yay!) and I'd suggest taking a look at the various options offered by farmers that both do the market and offer CSAs. That said, we've been doing the "winter" CSA from Groundworks Organics and are very happy with both the quality and variety, particularly in the winter months. They mix veggies and fruit, both from their own fields and in trade with other Willamette Valley farmers. They offer a regular spring/summer CSA, have no problem with sharing, and offer either door drop off or a number of local drop points that are pretty convenient.

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      Ah, thanks for the reminder re Saturday Market. We were out of town but will have to swing by next weekend. And I'll check out Groundworks....thanks for the personal recommendation.