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Banana Flips

I've seen a few posts on here about those wonderful snacks from my childhood--banana flips!! They look like a big taco with lots of yummy cream inside...haven't been able to find them for over a year. Does anybody know if they're still available anywhere???

thanks much!

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  1. when i saw your post on the board titles, i actually mewed "ooaaaah, banana flips!!," and clicked on!

    Ode to a Banana Flip

    You are fluffy and creamy,
    Your sponge cake so fine.
    You make me dreamy
    Wish you'd be mine.

    Alas, you have left me
    At 7-11 forlorn.
    Please return and surprise me
    On some fortunate morn.

    Why did your fine maker
    Cease crafting your kind?
    I'd love to again eat you
    Snack food so refined!

    Oh! the banana
    On the tongue gentle.
    Without your light sweetness,
    I've gone nearly mental.

    You may not be trendy,
    You may not be hip,
    But I love you, I miss you
    Come back 'nana Flip!

    I promise to love you
    Again, it is true.
    So please come and meet me,
    7-11, aisle 2.

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    1. re: alkapal

      love the poem!! still rather have the flip, tho... :-(

      1. re: psalm14517

        thank you. my creativity was fueled by the long-lost flip. i've looked for years to find one....

    2. I did enjoy Banana Flips. There was a red one too for a while...Cherry?

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      1. re: scuzzo

        i don't recall any cherry flips. the sponge cake was red? or just the fluffy filling?

        looking on the net, seems they can be found only in vending machines. i've emailed the dolly madison bakeries hq to get more info.

        in the meantime, a recipe: http://www.cooks.com/rec/doc/0,1810,1...

        1. re: alkapal

          Just cherry filling. White cake.

          1. re: scuzzo

            i grew up in southwest florida, but don't recall seeing the cherry. maybe i was just riveted by focusing on my beloved 'nana flip!

        1. re: HillJ

          hmmm, it is the sister bakery to dolly madison. will try the twinkie, but the flips had a certain oh-so-important ratio of fluffy filling to sponge cake.

        2. Im sad to report that I've gotten a bad report, to wit, a reply by email from the Interstate Bakeries company regarding our beloved, now dearly departed, Banana Flips:

          "Thank you for contacting us concerning our Dolly Madison Banana Flips.

          We are sorry that you have been unable to find Dolly Madison Banana Flips. Unfortunately, we have discontinued that particular item. We know how disappointing it is to find a product that suits your taste only to have it move off the market. Several consumers have voiced the similar views and we are forwarding your concerns to the bakery manager in your area and our executive management team.

          Thank you for your interest."

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          1. re: alkapal

            so...what's stopping you from a petition?
            The banana Twinkies are not an equal substitute!

            1. re: alkapal

              i have to say, those interstate bakeries people are nice. they actually sent me a snail mail letter, too!

            2. Try a "whole lotta banana' at Famima!! I think the difference is that the banana is chocolate covered. Opps! Sorry, but there are not too many Famimas!! around.

              1. I have found your beloved Banana Flips. Although the original company doesn't make them anymore... Here is a link where you can buy them: http://www.nicklesbakery.com/products...

                The top middle snack cake is your banana flip. Merry Christmas. I found this for someone else and thought you all would like it.

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                1. re: MommyMack

                  oh my goodness gracious alive, merry christmas indeed. i'm going to get my cousin in indianapolis to send me some. we have no nickle's bakeries around here. ;-(.

                2. I found some very good ones(banana Flips) at The Vermont Country store. They are very big, come in a four pack directly from a bakery.

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                  1. Nichles Bakery has resumed making banana flips. However they are only available at Kings the tri city area. You can Google for more info.

                    I can't believe Dolly Madison stoped making this big seller...what idiots.

                    Hostess once again makes Twinkies with banana cream. They were made with banana before WW2.


                    Note, these Twinkie are high priced goodies when ordered online.

                    1. Oh, man, I remember banana splits. My one grandmother was an old battle axe: a harsh woman of Irish-German descent not particularly known for her tact or social grace, especially with her husband and children, but she sure doted on us grandchildren. Whenever we visited her house she always had small toys for us and pretty much let us have our run of the place. By far, though, my favorite treat that she would dispense were those banana flavored sponge cakes of goodness with that heavenly banana cream inside. She always had a few in the drawer and would happily give me one almost as soon as I was in the door. She's been gone for about two decades now, and the house has long since been sold, but I could still walk in there today and go directly to the drawer that held those delectable treats. I'll always fondly associate banana splits with her and doubt I had more than a handful since she passed. In my eyes it is only appropriate that they are gone because I doubt they could possibly taste so sweet without her.

                      1. I used to moosh 'em up in soft boiled eggs and eat 'em!! If you ever find them again try this you'll never go back! lol

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                        1. re: ChefTD

                          that sounds so repulsive! but i guess you like your sweet and savory together.

                            1. re: ChefTD

                              i can't try it. banana flips are long gone.

                              but just the texture of those eggs with the sponge cake and the flavor of the impossibly sweet & "banana-y" whipped filling would not cut it for me.

                              so...i thought…what about just plain bananas and eggs?

                              maybe like in some savory malaysian or filipino dish (of my imagination)…hmmm…maybe more imaginable. ;-). now i'm going to see if there is such a creature.

                              edit: first web search out, i found this dish: http://www.kickasschef.com/recipes/ar... the meat in this filipino dish reminds me of the cuban dish with ground beef and raisins ("picadillo").

                              thinking cuban food then makes me think that i WOULD eat your soft boiled egg with some fried yucca (tostones). in a heartbeat.

                              1. re: alkapal

                                Banana flips are back. Nickels Bakery had started making them again.

                                1. re: ChefTD

                                  wow! great news! where do you buy yours? a 7-11? oh, i looked at their map -- not sold in this area (northern virginia)

                                  and in my last post, i meant fried platanos -- not yucca -- with the eggs.