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Apr 2, 2008 09:18 PM

Pig brain

Hello guys, I would like to find some information on where I could have meals made out of pig brain ( could be cow or lamb too), I'm guessing they would be chinese restaurants (I've read a pig brain is a pretty common dish in China).

Maybe you know some meat markets or butchers that sell them, that would be good too.

Any help is appretiated.

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  1. While brains may be common on menus in China, I think you're more likely to find it in Toronto at Pakistani or Indian restaurants. A quick Google search yielded Hot Grill Restaurant, a Pakistani Restaurant at 1196 Bloor West, and Copper Chimney, an Indian restaurant at 619 Kingston Rd., in Ajax.

    Otherwise, I'd try french or Italian restaurants:

    Or, if you really wanted to, you could make them yourself... Apparently butchers give them away free here, as there's no market for them (at least Cumbrae's did, according to this article):

    1. I've yet to try it there, but my local Pakistani take-away does brain, but I believe that it's lamb - certainly not pig. (Actually, they do have seating, as well, if you want to eat in.) The New Diamond Restaurant, 178 Carlton St. The people behind the counter are quite friendly and helpful. The naan is superb.

      1. French cooking includes some calf's brain dishes, maybe a local place is preparing them...Batafole, Pastis, Le Paradis, Amuse Bouche, Thuet...

        1. A couple of months back there was a "Brain Sloppy Joe" on the menu at Czehoski's.
          It was excellent (I think it was veal but don't recall accurately).
          Call them and see if it's still on the menu.

          678 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA