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Apr 2, 2008 09:08 PM

German chocolate cake the best recipe

Have to bake one for my dads birthday anyone have a great pretty simple recipe??

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  1. I love the one on the box of German chocolate, myself. It can take a lot of abuse and still taste amazing.

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      I like to use that cake mix to make my earthquake cake, german chocolate is the
      best recipe to make the earthquake, I took one to a potluck lunch when I use to
      work and after everyone had eaten there were 7 people standing in line to get
      a piece of that cake. they got mad at me for the way I cut the cake. I cut it in 3
      inch pieces, and it was gone in no time. I told them if you are going to eat cake
      then eat cake and don`t mess around. they told me they would cut the cake
      next time I brought uit there.

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        To clarify, I'm not talking about a box mix. I'm talking about the box that contains the bars of German baking chocolate.

        And I always make more icing than the recipe states. 1.5x the recipe is just about perfect, but sometimes I make 2x just because I love that coconutty goo so much that I eat it straight out of the fridge. ;-)

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          I vote for the recipe on the back of the German's Sweet Chocolate box also. And definitly (sp) increase the icing.

          1. re: Pampatz

            I vote for that one too... it's the bomb.

            I've been making it for oh... 27 years now - for Mr CF's birthday.

      2. I made this one for my DH's birthday a few weeks ago. It was fabulous!

        It was simple, but time-consuming. To avoid having to spend 4+ hours in the kitchen after working all day, I broke the recipe down over a few days. I made the cake layers the weekend before and froze them. I made the filling two days before and refrigerated it, and I made the glaze the night before, and did the assembly after the glaze was done.

        I found all the reviews particularly helpful. I utilized many reviewers' recommendation to boil the sweetened condensed milk in the cans and it turned out perfectly.

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        1. re: mdepsmom

          I second this recipe, I've made it 4 times with nothing but positive reviews and requests to make it again. I am not a big fan of the ganache recipe because it seems to come out so greasy with all the butter. I prefer to use James Peterson's recipe: Boil 1 cup heavy cream over high heat then turn off the heat, add 8 oz. coarsely chopped bittersweet chocolate and let stand for 5 minutes, stir until it is perfectly smooth and when you can barely hold your hand against the bottom of the saucepan because of the heat pour over the cake. In addition, you can cool the ganache and whip it for 5 minutes on high speed until fluffy and frost the cake.

          1. re: gmk1322

            Good info on the ganache! Although I loved the cake, I, too, thought the ganache was greasy. I will give your version a try next time.

        2. This is my favorite recipe ever:

          The recipe for the cake makes a nice, not-too-rich, chocolate cake, but in a pinch you could use a cake mix. If nothing else, though, take the time to make the frosting. It was so good I debated eating it straight from the bowl and making a second batch for the cake itself.

          1. My favorite choc cake is a mayo choc cake and it is so moist. Only thing is that you HAVE to put in refrig for the best tast for at least 24 hours before serving. My neighbor is a choc cake fanatic and he loves the mayo cake better then any other choc cake box or homemade.