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Trying to Find a Good Brunch Spot?

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I have been going to brunch uptown every sunday with a friend of mine. We are trying to go some place different every week. Shouldn't be hard right? It's my turn to pick and I'm a little stuck. We have already hit Blue Bird, Panola St., Slim Goodies, and Refuel. We're both in college so we don't want to go any place to expensive. Any Suggestions?

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  1. Although the places you mentioned seem more like breakfast than brunch, if you want to stick Uptown I'd definitely head over to Dante's Kitchen. It's definitely pricier than the places you've been, but the food is also leaps and bounds more advanced than you would find at the places you mentioned. If you're looking for some others along the same lines of where you've been, I'd say Surrey's and J'Anita's - both in the Irish Channel/LGD area.

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      Good recs here...Surreys and Dante's are both killer. I have not been to J'Anitas.

    2. A couple buddies and I did this same exact thing last year...so here goes:
      Blue Plate Cafe
      Surrey's (is great)
      Elizabeth's (must get the praline bacon)
      Coffee Pot (must get the calas)
      Cafe Atchafalaya
      La Peniche
      Peppermill (in Metairie, same ownership ad Panola)
      Oak St. Cafe
      Cameilia Grill
      Cafe Rani

      1. Oak Street Cafe is a pretty good breakfast joint.

        1. I second Eat - it's in the quarter on the corner of Dauphine and Dumaine, but very easy to park, because it is closer to Rampart. The website is www.eatnola.com - probably around $10 - $12 for most dishes. get there before 10:30ish because it fills up.

          1. Savvy Gourmet does brunch on Saturday (11:30-3:00) and Sunday (10:30-2:00).

            1. Some others to consider:

              Cafe Freret 7329 Freret St
              Bayou Coffee House 326 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy
              Lil Dizzy's 1500 Esplanade

              1. What a great idea. I just go to Refuel every weekend. And Dante's every once in a while. You must give us some reviews.

                I have heard great things about Surrey's from friends (it's cash only I believe) and I have had dinner at EAT and really want to try their brunch.

                Does anyone know if people bring wine or champagne to brunch at EAT?