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Apr 2, 2008 08:34 PM

Casa Villa in Stamford - an update

I thought I had posted about this, but apparently hadn't. not enough sleep in this household, clearly.

anyhow, I finally made it back to casa villa for the first time since they reopened following a car going through their front window.

See, I've been going to casa villa for at least 7 years, when it was called Favi's. I actually think it was better then, but all along the problem with this place is that it's so darned inconsistent. I've actually had a few great tacos, mostly mediocre, and some decidedly poor ones there. But, even given that, if someone pins me down and asks where to go for tacos in Stamford, I'm afraid I still have to answer Casa Villa (oh how I miss rolando's). (oh, and while ole mole has some good things - albeit tailored to an american palate - their tacos totally suck).

So, I was hopeful that following the reopening, Casa Villa would have upped their game in the kitchen. So, with the middle daughter (4 yrs old) in tow, we went there a few weeks ago. I ordered two tacos - al pastor and carnitas - and my daughter ordered a chicken taco.

The al pastor taco wasn't bad. It was a little overly salty, which always ticks me off. Mexican places do this to al pastor to compensate for the fact that they are using a weak adobo for the pork. It was pretty good, but being a little overly salty really annoys me.

I honestly can't remember my carnitas taco. That means that it was OK, but not great. Around here, an OK carnitas isn't a bad thing, frankly.

But I have to say I was pretty surprised with the chicken taco. It wasn't dry at all and had really good flavor. Shocking. I NEVER order chicken tacos because those two things never seem to come about. But I found myself pawning my al pastor taco on my 4 year old while I ate her chicken taco (dad's prerogative). Though, she got the better of me when she spilled her water on my taco. so there you go.

Anyhow, Casa Villa remains as it always has been. A decent local place for an authentic taco. Just don't expect the same taco from visit to visit. But if my last visit was a guide, go for chicken.

Some day before I leave this part of the country to head back home to my motherland (so. cal) I will see a great taqueria pop up in Stamford... even if I have to open it myself. Until then, I'll go to casa villa... or, actually, drive down to Port Chester.

Casa Villa Restaurant
182 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

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  1. Adam: By the way , I love your comments on anything spanish, I don't know that type of food at all. So tell me where do you park whrn you go to this place, I went by once and there was no where to park. So what so I order when I go to a place like this? I am partial to chicken, beef not so much with pork. I am intimitated by these lovely place so please give me a lesson. Thanks and I love your comment about your daughter, very cute! Is it a clean place because I am leary unless it is very clean.

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    1. re: nbermas

      yes, it's a clean place.

      I park up the street - sort of near KFC. Depending on the time of day, it can be a real pain around there.

      As for what to order, based on my past experience, try the chicken tacos. It's basic, but good (I hope it will be when you go... note my comments about inconsistency). I haven't exlored their menu in a long time... not sure if their enchiladas or other dishes are any good. They always have some roast chicken going too... might be good with some rice, beans and tortillas.

      They speak pretty good english there.

      If you've got the time and stuff, there's better mexican in Port Chester or New Rochelle, but for Stamford, this isn't too bad.

      1. re: adamclyde

        I'm sure there are threads about it elsewhere, but tell us real quick where you like in Port Chester and New Roc! (Do we call it New Roc?)

        1. re: Stamford Talk

          yeah, there are definitely threads on it. I've sort of talked ad nauseum about this stuff here for the past 7 years... to the point where I'm guessing no one's listening any more (I wouldn't be). But the landscape changes so much!

          Here are the places (I've limited to mexico only). Each has a lot written up about it. If you go to the links below, it should like to prior thread about each.

          Port Chester:
          Tortilleria Los Gemelos
          El Kiosko
          Paleteria Fernandez
          La Flor Bakery

          New Rochelle:
          El Michoacano
          La Herradura
          Little Mexican Cafe
          Mexican Corner Restaurant

          White Plains
          Sunshine Deli
          Taqueria Mexico Lindo
          Cancun Delights



          Mexican Corner
          497 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

          Tortilleria Los Gemelos
          167 Westchester Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573

          Little Mexican Cafe
          581 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

          El Michoacano
          485 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

          Kiosko Authentic Mexican Restaurant
          220 Westchester Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573

          Paleteria Fernandez
          33 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

          La Herradura
          563 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

          Sunshine Deli
          31 Lake St, White Plains, NY 10603

          Mexico Lindo
          98 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601

          Cancun Delights
          16 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601

          La Flor De Jalisco Bakery
          217 Westchester Ave, Port Chester, NY

          1. re: adamclyde

            We tried take-out from Mexico Lindo last night -- it was outstanding, but when we asked for a menu, they said today is their last day! Not sure what happened, but we're bummed because it was wonderful!

            1. re: parentstoben

              wow, that's a bummer about mexico lindo. I walked by there just a few days ago. Should have stopped in.

              They've got a sister location in East Harlem. I wonder if both are closing?

              Anyhow, sunshine deli is really the best place to go in White Plains.

              1. re: adamclyde

                on your suggestion, we've been taking out from sunshine recently, but had terrible luck the last time -- the al pastor tacos were terrific but the beef ones (forget which), had a terribly "off" taste -- the meat seemed spoiled and we ended up throwing them out, so we were really turned off. That's why we searched for alternatives, read all your posts, and tried mexico lindo.

                1. re: parentstoben

                  wow, that's really interesting (and too bad). Let's hope it was a one-time problem at sunshine deli. It would sure be disappointing if they started to have problems.

            2. re: adamclyde

              Just tried out Cancun Delights in WP today, and after overcoming some language difficulties, had a great carnitas taco. Four bucks for three tortillas, rice, beans, and a heaping mound of shredded pork. It tasted really good, although not as spicy as I'd like and pretty fatty.

              They have an interesting menu in that they have a different menu for each day of the week. Adam, is there anything you'd recommend from their line up?

              1. re: ninnikuramen

                yeah, they've got a lot of daily menu items, though they don't seem to keep to them all the time.

                I can't remember the dates, but their goat birria is very good. And I seem to remember their pollo en pipian was good too. But it's been a long time since I tried either of those there.

      2. Thanks Adam. When I first tried Casa Villa about two years ago I'm pretty sure it was based on your words in these (since remodelled) pages. I love it. Casa Villa's was my first Al Pastor (definately read about it from you) and now it is my favorite all around taco.

        They are much busier than before the remodelling and the other day I stood around waiting for my take out tacos while the cook and one of the backroom guys cooked about ten meals with intensity. The shrimp they were cooking looked amazing but I have yet to try it. Some locals (not dressed for an office) were also eating the seafood stew and raving to the cook about it. Another thing to try.

        The al pastor can be a bit spicy if they hit it too hard with the sauce. I also like the adobada.

        Thanks again. I can recommend Lupita's Deli for tacos. It is on Mamaroneck Ave in Mamaroneck on the South Side of the Ave just where it ends in the Post Road. Total hole in the wall grocery but they make the very most out of a tiny kitchen in the back. I wrote a little bit on it awhile back in another online venue (which I think I'm not supposed to linke to on ChowHound) and the others who tried it on my rec. liked it too.

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        1. re: wesfoodie

          I remember your post about Lupitas. I wish I could say I've tried it, I just don't get around that far in Mamaroneck too often... but I will... someday!

        2. Glad to see that Casa Villa is coming up on Chow - when I worked in Stamford we would go there at least once a week for about a year. My favorite were the al pastor and chorizo tacos. The office also loved a burrito truck that was parked out by Softball fields in Shippan, for a stint we were eating burritos three times a week until the owner moved back to California, and after the management change I found a rock in my steak burrito. It cooled off a little after that.

          I'm working in White Plains now, and am excited to try out the places recommended here!

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          1. re: ninnikuramen

            Try the Whole roasted Chicken, I think it is mosit and luscious. try it and tell me what you think.