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Toronto.com Best 10 New Restaurants 2007

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So Toronto.com has their BEST OF 2007 list out

What thinks you all?
I'm in the east end and have been to the two east end places mentioned.

Prohibition: I think it's good for what it is. There aren't many good pubs in the area along queen east and it fits the bill. As for being a "gastro-pub" meh. (but just my opinion as I don't really go there to eat, but rather to have a pint and relax)

SOMA: Been here a couple of times. Looks very quiet through the week when I go by on the streetcar. But have been on a Saturday and Friday night and the place can be quite hopping. Food is well priced, decent portioned. But more so the martini selection is quite amazing and when they have a good DJ (which can be touch and go) can be a great place.

The others...

Not into the Crystal Five vibe... granted minimum budget prevents many dining experiences such as crystal five. And I wouldn't say Sassafraz is really "new" just rebuilt.

what are other experiences of these Top 10?

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    1. Am I missing something? That article was from Nov 28th, 2007.

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        Yeah it's been out for a while.
        not sure i agree with the list.