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Apr 2, 2008 07:21 PM

need SD recommendations (map included)

sorry for the broad and vague title since i'm sure there are so many places in SD, but i'm not at all familiar with where i will be. all i have is an address and a google map of its location.

prefer local-type places, inexpensive, any cuisine. as long as the chow is good!

thanks for your help!

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  1. To me, this seems very vague and therefore hard for me to help. However, I shall try. There is the Mission Café, which is decent walk from where you are staying. Here you can find good inexpensive breakfast/lunch. Further South (closer to you) is Olive café, which also has good breakfast and lunch. Both places have their strong points and good food. I would have to lean towards Mission Café even though there is usually a line.

    Otherwise in Mission Beach there isn’t any food that I find that great. Most of the food you will find in your area is food that is convenient after being on the beach all day or bar food. If this is the food you are interested I am more then happy to recommend some places that have good food and happy hours. If not, we can turn our attention to the surrounding areas. =)

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      Thanks for the breakfast/lunch recs. good food and happy hour recommendations are welcome too!

    2. Latin Chef and Karinya Thai in PB are both pretty good. That's about 1 mile north of where you are. If you want to try a good San Diego-style taco shop, my personal favorite near there is Los 2 Pedros, in northern PB. It's a little shack, but very good for that kind of thing.

      If you drive across the water to OB, you have Hodad's for burgers (cool, local surfer atmosphere), The Vine wine bar with nice small plates, South Beach Bar and Grill for fish tacos, and Newport Pizza and Ale House where you can try some of San Diego's awesome local beer. Another good OB spot is Ortega's Cocina on Newport St., any meal is good there. Dinner has fancy Mexican specials like lobster enchiladas, and breakfast has stuff like carne asada benedict w/ jalapeno hollandaise, along with more standard items.

      All these things are within 10-15 minutes of where you're staying.

      1. Will you have a bike? If so, you can ride it up and down the boardwalk - the preferred method of transportation in Mission Beach. If not, you might want to rent one. Traffic and parking can be pretty bad around there on the weekends. You are within biking distance of Pacific Beach (to the North) which has Cafe 976, Isabel's Cantina, Karinya Thai, World Curry, Cafe Athena, The French Gourmet, JRDN (expensive at dinner but very good), Taco Surf, World Famous, The Fishery, Costa Brava (half price tapas happy hour, but call to verify dates,) Zanzibar, and Konos, which serves a pretty decent cheap breakfast at the pier. If you're biking around PB, stay off of Grand and Garnet (the busiest streets) as much as possible, and watch out for drunk drivers!

        In Mission Beach proper, there is a Robertos on the corner there by the Roller Coaster - I haven't eaten at that one, but it's always busy, they're a chain of mediocre taco shops - sort of a cliche in San Diego. The Mission Cafe is also right along there on the main drag where you'll be - they do breakfast and lunch only. The Mission also used to have a stand right on the beach called Mission Too serving coffee and some of their breakfast items (good breakfast burrito.) I haven't been there in a while so I'm not sure it's still there, maybe someone else can confirm.

        Another spot to consider - Canes, which is primarily a nightclub, has an open air patio overlooking the boardwalk where they serve drinks and pub-grub during the day. Very pleasant place to sit with a cocktail, but I can't vouch for the food.

        if you're into the bar scene - this round-up of the local pubs seems pretty accurate to me -

        Have fun!!

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          The second mission location on the boardwalk is still there, but it is now branded "Cantina" after the other Cantina location in PB.