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Apr 2, 2008 07:09 PM

Shake Shack UWS

Anyone know when it is slated to open? I had assumed soon, but then read somewhere that it's not expected till end of year!!?!?

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    1. re: Lucia

      uggh! i had the same question but i don't like that answer even though it is was i expected. the scary thought is that the projections are often a bit optimistic. i hope we see this before the end of the year b/c we are desperate for a good burger place up here... and i pray for late hours at least until 11pm weekdays and 1am on weekends but i don't see this happening.

      1. re: Lucia

        saw that, was hoping they meant lateR 2008, but oh well... i'm just really looking forward to taking some shackburgers to the park during the summer... and now i'll have to wait until summer 2009 :(

      2. Will they be closing the current location?

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        1. re: pinkyswore

          No--it's an additional location.