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Apr 2, 2008 06:57 PM

Dampa Grill Staten Island

In Rosebank, very new and clean with Tagalog in the air. Don't know much about Filipino cooking so I went for bangus (milk fish) and a short rib dish that was out on a steam table... both very good. They have a standard menu as well with all sorts of pre-fusion goodies that I'd love to try... lots of pork belly and noodles etc. available. Cheap and interesting...

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  1. Hmm...I wonder if it is affiliated with Phil-Am Foods, the Philippine grocery on Tompkins in Rosebank. That's my local source for bean sprouts, Chinese veggies, tofu and Asian condiments when I can't get to Chinatown. Thanks for the tip! (Oh...and what's the address?)

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      Right across the street I think... 556 Tompkins Ave.

    2. Definitely right across the street from Phil-Am. Definitely interesting, very good, and cheap. I’ve eaten there a bunch since the initial post (thanks Flaco). There’s definitely a surplus of tasty-good pork, and the chicken adobo is killer.

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        Last night we had grilled pork belly, palabok, that chicken adobo and skewer or two of pork chunks... all for under 25 beans. Saw people slurping some interesting soups, that's on my list. Owner/chef is a very nice young guy who will happily explain the vagaries of pinoy cuisine... island chowhounds need to support places like this!

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          Flaco, with due respect for your pork belly fans, do they have anything to recommend that is vegetarian?

          Pains me to be vegetarian sometimes, but that's the way it is.

          BTW, totally unrelated, I was at work in Brooklyn Hgts yesterday and had lunch at my favorite hang there, Fatoosh Falafel. Ooh, are their middle-eastern salads (hummus, foule, etc.) good! Wish they were on the Island.

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            Have you tried this Middle Eastern place? I haven't been there, but I'm hoping there will be more choices on the Island. I lnow a place opened up on Hylan Blvd, but I have not yet eaten there.

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              Hell, I could go vegetarian if I lived in India, but it wouldn't be easy in Manila! Regarding middle eastern, the only decent places I know on the island is Ayder Turkish on Forest: it would be a lot better if they had more business... I've seen him go down a bit trying to hang on but it's still pretty good. Down the road at Port Richmond & Forest is Island Pita? which is now run by a funny fella that came over from a Turkish Restaurant in Brooklyn... he also started strong but is fading fast. Restaurants are like politics, no?... as a community you get what you deserve.

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                Thanks, folks, for the rec's on Middle Eastern places on SI. I just need to get out and around the Island more. Having places to target is a real help.

        2. Closed until further notice...

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              It seems so difficult for anything 'different' to make it in SI.