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Apr 2, 2008 06:46 PM

My kingdom for caramel yogurt

When I was in Texas I fell in love with Stoneyfield Farm's Caramel Underground yogurt. Totally amazing stuff. Unfortunately even the few places in Calgary that carry SF don't have the caramel. I dealt. Then Yoplait got my hopes up with their creamy duos which had caramel and vanilla. It was pretty good, not SF but hey it was caramel. Now just a couple of months later I can't find even them at Safeway any more. So I'm putting out a plea to Calgary Chowhounds: has anyone come across any caramel yogurt, Stoneyfield Farms, Yoplait or otherwise?

Thanks everyone in advance.

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  1. Liberte yogurt makes a dulce de leche yogurt...I'm not positive but I think you can pick it up at Planet Organic....failing that, caramel sauce mixed with your fave yogurt might work. I made this tart recipe (that used caramel sauce as a filling) earlier this week: and leftovers were great over ice cream :)

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      This is so weird- just last night I sliced up some bananas and dumped some dulce de leche on them, then thought what the hell, and spooned some Activia vanilla yogurt on it all- it was delicious but it also had me thinking that a caramel yogurt would be a great idea. Weird.

      1. re: John Manzo

        Too funny, I wonder why so many of us are craving caramel this week...although it could have something to do with the mention of Nectar's Chocolate & Salted Caramel Tartlet... hmmm I just might have to make some caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels with the sauce I still have. :)

        1. re: maplesugar

          Also, try Nectar's Caramel and Sea Salt ice cream mmm mmm good

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        I know it's not caramel yogurt, but I heartily recommend Liberte's mocha yogurt. It's like eating coffee-flavoured creme fraiche with a drizzle of chocolate sauce--plus a bit of zip.

        1. re: maplesugar

          I picked up a couple of the Liberte dulce de leche at PO today and they are good but, being Liberte, it'll have to go into the treat category. I have actually tried making my own with caramel sauce but haven't had much success.

          If anyone happens to come across the Yoplait stuff on their shopping at Co-op, Superstore, etc. could you *please* let me know. Thanks a bunch.

          1. re: Jasz

            Is it the texture/mouth feel of Stoneyfield's you're having difficulty duplicating or making the caramel sauce itself? FWIW I tested PC's dulce de leche sauce a few months back and it was pretty good...I'm not a dulce de leche expert or anything but to me it was delicious.

        2. Wow, weird Jasz, I too have been looking for the creamy duo caramel but, in Edmonton. I'm limited to the types of yogurt I can eat because of allergies to fruit (and I'm not a big fan of vanilla/french vanilla)

          Usually I'm fine when the fruit has been cooked but, last summer I got hives 2 nts in a row after eating Danone's creamy Peach and then Raspberry. After that I've been incredibly cautious. I found the creamy duo a few months back and loved it as a nice little mix into my evening yogurt ritual. I found it at Safeway but, only once. I have been searching for it since to no avail.