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Apr 2, 2008 06:18 PM

What's The Best Meal in London for under $200.00 US??

We will be spending one evening in the UK, an overnight stopover on a much longer trip, and we'll be able to scoot into Lonson from Heathrow for a dinner. For under $200.00 US for two (wine/beer/whatever *not* included) what would you suggest as the one dinner we shouldn't miss? We love all kinds of cuisine and are open to any ideas from a great fish n' chips stand to Asian, to Indian, to whatever. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Probably an almost impossible question to answer given that you are open to all cuisines.

    A search of the board will give you some good ideas about what's around (often with price indicators). If you want to be a bit more precise about what you might be looking for, folk can help a bit more. You should eat well on your budget of £50 a head.

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      I'd give St John a try, if you are into nose-to-tail eating.

      1. re: D Hound

        I'd go for The Square. The best food you can get in London, and if you go easy on the wine it should come in easily under £100 a head.

    2. HOw about Chez Bruce in Wandsworth? I haven't been for a while, alas, but it gets consistently good reviews. You would probably need to book a couple of weeks ahead.

      1. Are you staying overnight please? Where if so.

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          We're staying at the Marriott in Heathrow (strictly for convenience because our flight leaves rather early the next morning). The more we think about it, the more we're willing to stretch the price range up a tad for great cuisine. But on second thought, since we'll spending significant time in France, French cuisine won't be highest on our list.

        2. If you're not big drinkers, Hibiscus might be worth a shot. I haven't been yet, but Harters of this parish really rated it and proprietors used to have a couple of Michelin stars at their previous venue in Ludlow. The menus on the website look fantastic.

          I also really liked Wild Honey (and a friend was raving about it the other night as well), which is near Hibiscus in Mayfair, and considerably cheaper.

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          1. re: greedygirl

            I had a *fantastic* meal at Wild Honey last week. But if they're trying to stay away from French, maybe not the best choice. Then again the treacle tart I had for dessert was pretty darned far from anything they'll find in France.

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              I decided not to mention Hibiscus. I'm adopting a new personal policy of only mentioning a place once, by way of a review (unless there's a specific thread about a place).

              It follows from a thread now in Site Talk about widening the appeal of this particular board. I've taken to heart a couple of posts made by other UK/Ireland regulars. In this case, the one that suggested that constant repetition of reccs for the same places, by a small group of people, leads to narrowness of the board and an inherent failure of CH's mission (the original post was more eloquent).


            2. I say go for something Indian. You will dine well, I'm sure, in Paris and eat something you might not find to be as interesting at home which I am guessing is the U.S. Don't exhaust yourselves and try to find a spot near the Piccadilly Line so you don't have to travel all that much and then back to Heathrow. I do not have an interest in the Hinds Head pub in Bray near Windsor, but it isn't that far from the airport by cab, and the food (owned by Heston Blumenthal) is way above average, modern British pub food.

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              1. re: zuriga1

                Thanks so much for all your assistance. We've decided on St. Johns for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that we colonists have a rather dim of view of native UK cuisine in general, and we're hoping to return from the front with disconfirming data that shatters the stereotype. Thanks once more.

                1. re: mmgpsych

                  I hope you enjoy the dinner. I'm a verified colonist myself and you'll find that UK cuisine is probably as good if not better than what's found in many parts of our U.S. If you like something 'different' then St. John should do the trick. Personally, I don't like offal but that's probably because of my culinary past. The lamb in the UK is extraordinary as are many other things.

                  1. re: zuriga1

                    Not a restaurant suggestion but for the sake of time indulge in the Heathrow Express. If you're doing terminal 5...good luck.

                    1. re: Withnail42

                      Like OP, I am also looking for London's rest around 50 quid per person. I can't get into LOCANDA LOCATELLI (it might be more than the budget, anyhow...) so am looking for a suggestion. Most of the places mentioned here are booked.

                      1. re: theskyflyer

                        Did you try Great Queen Street? It's a very decent choice for that price. A London friend of mine has recommended a French place called Savoir Faire. It gets fairly good reviews on I've never seen it mentioned here, but that's true of hundreds of restaurants in London.