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Apr 2, 2008 05:58 PM


I'm planning on going there this Saturday with some friends to check it out. I was wondering if anyone had been there yet and had anything to report. I'll be sure to post on it this weekend either way.

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  1. It was a few months back so this wont be too detailed, but I went and enjoyed it very much. First off, I had walked by a few times and the place couldnt have been more empty, so I was glad when I arrived and it was pretty crowded. We had the bacalao fritters which were satisfying with the tamarind sauce they came with. I had the snapper which came in a red curry sauce I believe. It was formerly a special on the menu but they added it after so many people requested it. I agreed and would go back for that dish again. The only 2 gripes I had was that the waitstaff was a little sluggish and that they really dont have a waiting area so if you are waiting for a table, youre basically standing in the dining room, hovering over other patrons which is a little awkward. In other words, make a reservation haha. Enjoy!

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      We went the first weekend after their Herald review. Being from Trinidadian decent, I figured let me support their effort. The first meal we had there was not great and the service was overbearing at first until they got busy this Friday and it was "weeds city" after that as the waiter crashed and burned. We left saying it needed some time and made a second trip back 2-3 weeks later and had a great meal. Service still needs a little work.

      The only gripe I had, which I actually shared with the wife of the husband/wife team is the need for a screen or curtain to block the view to the kitchen area as you can see the toaster oven sitting against the wall and it just didn't look good from where we were. I think they have great opportunities to grow and we look forward to supporting them again.