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Apr 2, 2008 05:58 PM

Duck farms in the LA area?

Having moved to LA from NYC a year ago, I have found it difficult to buy duck meat, except very expensive at Bristol Farms, ($15.99 lb) or very bad quality (leg meat) at Ranch 99. Was thinking of visiting a farm and buying directly, any tips? Or any good butcher I can get from?

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  1. Don't know any locally raised duck but fresh duck is readily available at Chinese markets, the kind with head and feet on. 99 Ranch can be spotty, quality wise, and varies from location to location. They're sort of notorious for variable quality in their fish department. Some stores are good, others aren't.

    Where are you located? (don't say West LA...) If you're in the Chinatown / San Gabriel Valley / Little Saigon areas, you're in luck.

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    1. No duck farms, but there are fresh poultry/slaughter places. There are a few in Chinatown. There are two in Rosemead (Wing On) and Wah Mei.

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        there's a fresh (i.e, live) poultry place in Chinatown on Broadway. there's a giant plastic chicken on top of the store. Anybody been there?

      2. There's a huge duck farm off of the 605 and they process all of those ducks in downtown LA. I don't know if either place will sell direct.

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          I don't think it's there anymore.

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            Research reveals that you're correct. However, the processing plant is still there in downtown and is fully funtional. Woodland Farms slaughterhouse at 820 Jackson Street, Los Angeles, California. Which is why I had assumed that that farm was still there. I wonder where all of those ducks are now coming from?

        2. Peking Poultry in Chinatown.
          They got live everything.
          I needed to get someone a live white rooster, they had it...don't ask.

          Peking Poultry
          717 N Broadway
          Los Angeles, CA 90012
          (213) 680-2588

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            thnx, i gotta check that place out.

          2. I got some fabulously good fresh duck, not frozen, on special order at the poultry stand at the Farmer's Market on 3rd & Fairfax. It's the poultry stand that belongs to Marconda, not Puritan.
            It was expensive though, but not as much as Bristol Farms. . But very, very good. I ordered it 2 days in advance.

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            1. re: bad nono

              Marconda's and Puritan are both owned by the de Rosa family. It is the other one which is not. Puritan is by Pinkberry.

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                ah, thanks. I refer to the one which is not Puritan and has no name (that I know of) not far from the newstand. I always thought it was that one that was related to Marconda. Anyway, I prefer it to Puritan (but I get my non-poultry meat from Marconda)