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Apr 2, 2008 05:34 PM

Beretta [San Francisco]

Former Last Supper Club, per today's Chron now "a pizzeria with lots of antipasti, a few salads and risottos, and artisan cocktails." Anybody checked it out?

1199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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  1. really nice selection of white wines by the "taste", which is a generous 100 ML pour (priced at $4-$ steal). corkage is $20.

    The menu reads so well - I could have ordered most of it. Highlights: fritto misto (really. at first i wanted an aoili but it is light and well seasoned, you really don't need it) and eggplant caponata (a very chunky and tasty version) topped with the optional burrata.

    farro salad did not wow, nor unfortunately did the fava bean crostini (underseasoned and unattractively uniformly spread on the bread). pizzas were pretty good but I would not say amazing, basically due to crust (personal preference perhaps - I like a thicker crust at the edges and I didn't get a lot of flavor here). The most successful for me were the tomato based ones- spicy marinara and margherita with optional burrata (see a trend?). i found the baccala pie very salty (topped with caper i think?) and i'm basically a fan of the salt stick.

    but this is day 3 so hey, kudos to them for getting the food out of the kitchen hot and in a reasonable time frame! we had a great time.

    service was very efficient. co-owner Deborah was running a lot of food and great at making sure everyone is having a nice time.

    cocktail program brought to you by the guys from Bourbon and Branch. I'm not a cocktail drinker but those who got them seemed to enjoy them.

    All in all, a really nice experience so early in their life and I'm definitively going to go back and see how the restaurant evolves.

    1. We went there on Saturday night and were impressed. Started with a couple of $9 cocktails. Not cheap, but of the quality level of these new high end cocktail places (i.e. Rye, Bourbon and Branch, etc). Melinda was hoping for one of the old Last Supper Club Mojitos, but settled for a rum with mint type cocktail. She didn’t really like it (was hoping for sweet and this was more on the bitter side). The bartender saw she didn’t like it, tossed it, and gave her a new drink.
      Had the grilled radicchio with saba app. Nice charred flavor with whatever saba is adding a sweet note. Then the squid ink risotto and a prosciutto and arugula pizza. Melinda thought the risotto was a little too al dente, but I thought it was fine. We both agreed that the squid was beautifully tender, and that the dish had nice flavors and was well salted. The pizza was great. Very fresh raw arugula scattered on top which eventually sort of melted in. The style of pizza was more thin crust, minimal edge. Not Delfina thin, but definitely thinner than Paulines.
      Prices were great (cocktails notwithstanding), with apps at the well below $10 range and the pizzas and mains at the 11-13 range, IIRC. Overall, for 2 cocktails, one glass of wine, one app, and two mains, it was $60 plus tip
      Oh, and the wine list is well priced. Reasonable pours by the glass (they call it a “taste”) for $4-5. Can’t beat that. Still an all Italian list like Last Supper Club.
      … dave

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        1. Just a quick note on Beretta as a friend and I went for lunch yesterday (on the way over, realized Bauer had just reviewed it in today's Chronicle magazine). Everything was top-notch; we shared the warm arugula & radicchio salad, heirloom tomato bruschette, spicy sausage pizza and peach/strawberry sorbet. With coffee, house made hibiscus cooler and tip, total was $54. I'd definitely go back as the whole menu looked great.

          Doesn't seem they advertise being open for lunch, but they were yesterday (Saturday), and noone seems to know because the place was nearly empty. Also they had three brunch items not on the menu (french toast, an omelette and a scramble) priced at under $10.

          Edit: Their website does advertise weekend brunch/lunch from noon on.

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            Yes I realise this is an ancient thread. I'd like to add that Beretta is still going strong, I will go so far as to state I've never had a bad meal here.

            My go to cocktail is the Improved Whisky cocktail - a blend of delicious bourbons served in the manner of an old fashioned.

            They also have this really light ale from Iceland called Einstock which is perfect with a pizza.

            Brussels sprouts are excellent as well, and so is the broccolini with calabrese peppers.

            And, the pork and beef meatballs are a standard for me. The slightly charred toast is a nice touch.

            I usually finish off with the burrata pizza topped by arugula.