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Apr 2, 2008 05:21 PM

Island Style Ice Cream in Mount Rainier

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  1. They have grapenut!!!

    I'm so there. Let you know monday.

    1. Sounds similar to York Castle Ice Cream, which has a storefront in Silver Spring, but also distributes to many vendors throughout the Washington area. And yes, they have grape nut, guiness, lucuma, many tropical flavors- my favorite being the mango. Thank goodness there is no mauby.

      1. Thanks for the heads up. BTW, it's in MT. RAINIER (not College Park, though it's not far from College Park). Can you edit your heading? It is actually on my daily commute home to College Park (OK, 1/2 a block off) so I will definately stop in.

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          I can't figure out how to edit the heading. The "Edit" option isn't there anymore and I'm logged in. Anything obvious I'm missing?

          1. re: bmorecupcake

            We've fixed the title - you can't do it after the 2 hr edit window, but in the future, you can "report" a post to us and we'll fix it for you.

        2. The Grapenut had ice crystals in it.

          I might try it again, but it was ehhh