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Apr 2, 2008 05:13 PM

Anybody know when Wolfgang's Steakhouse is opening?


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  1. According to the manager, the steakhouse is supposed to open the third week of April. Mastro's will waken to a bigger and badder steakhouse......

    1. Is this related to the one in Manhattan? Where?

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      1. CUT has been open for a year in Beverly Hills

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        1. re: irishkevbo

          wolfgang's is different from CUT. It isn't even the same wolfgang! this wolfgang is a former luger's waiter turner owner. he has 2 places in nyc and one opening here. i never ate in his places but have had him as a waiter at luger's a few years ago.

          1. re: NYCnowLA

            Thanks for pointing out that I'm not a complete dullard. I've been to Cut and it's great, but I've been told by someone who knows (former Brooklyn DA) that this is wholly different experience. Can't wait.

            1. re: gph2os

              who thinks you are a dullard? your question was perfect in every way! i am looking forward too to the opening. i did not have a chance to go before i moved west.

          2. I've been to the one in NYC several times. It's not exactly Luger (but what is?) but it's damn close. I can't wait for the Bev HIlls branch to open!

            1. I have eaten at the location in Manhattan and hands down the best steak I've ever had. IMO better then Mastro's and Cut wasn't even close. Can't wait for the Beverly Hills location.