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Best Comfort Food In North County - SD

My kitty died yesterday and I am sad, really sad and not wanting to eat. Who has got the best comfort type food? Where do you go when you're blue?

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  1. Aww, I'm so sorry about your kitty, Enorah. Losing a pet is such a heartbreaking experience. When we had to have our very old dog euthanized a couple of years ago, I know the last thing in the world I felt like doing was eating. I'd cook because it kept me occupied, but had no interest in partaking.

    I don't live in North County, so I can't be much help in recommendations. Personally, I'd find a little place close to the beach, have a nosh, then a walk along the shore. If you're still feeling the same tomorrow, head up to the Beach Break Cafe for breakfast. Breakfast is always comfort food, IMO. And/or get some VG's doughnuts or some goodies from Elizabethan Desserts.

    I'd give you a hug if I could.

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      Thanks phee. We had to euthanize her as well.

      I thought about VG Donuts and Elizabethan myself.

    2. Sorry to hear about your kittie. My comfort food would be a big gloopy cheezy mess of a pizza from filippis. Something about that pizza makes me feel better and adds 2 inches to my waist. Remember when the time is right there are lots of little kitties out there that need good loving homes.

      1. Awww, I'm sorry for your loss, Enorah. I don't know North County very well, but I second the rec for dessert at Elizabethan Desserts. Maybe some cupcakes and beach time? I find that sugar goes down easy when I don't have an appetite and now's not a time to be worrying about waistlines. I'm not sure if you're a dog person, but there's a dog beach somewhere up north (I'd suggest a cat beach if they existed) and maybe having a dessert picnic near some furry friends might lift your spirits? It might be too soon, of course, but it might bring a smile if you're comfortable with it.

        Add me on the hug list! I have a pooch, so I understand how bereft the house feels without that constant presence.

        1. Sorry to hear about your cat. We've had to euthanize several over the years as they all got old and their medical problems caught up with them.

          Comfort food--any variant of Asian noodle soups. Pho, udon, soba. I still haven't been and need to go, but I think Yu Me Ya has udon. Or jook. But I can't think of anywhere that makes good jook except at our house.

          1. Hi Enorah, I am sorry about your kitty. I know how you feel though needing something xtra good to help you feel like enjoying something again. It depends what u feel like, right off the bat I would say Enzo's BBQ in Oceanside. Everything there is awesome, sweet poetatoe fries, corn bread hush puppies, bbq brisket(*), ribs and Enzo is so nice. If you are in the mood for a burger or french dip the Chili Coast in Vista is a must, don't forget the cajun fries. Chinese would be my fav Peking Wok in bonsall, pork w/ string beans, two flavor shrimp, crispy duck, egg flour soup and have to have the paper wraped chicken. Pizza depends I love Da Gorgio (their cheese is the best) and Giant NY pizza in Vista( be careful there a new one with a similar name in vista, not as good). If u are by the coast there is a place that has the best corn dogs and clam strips but i can't think of what it is called it is the last building before there is no more buildings betweeen the water and coast highway going south in carlsbad. I hope you feel better.

            1. Sorry to hear about your kitty Enorah! I would probably go for a long walk on the beach to work up an appetite, then have breakfast at Swami's or Honeys. Stratford and Zinc Cafes in Del Mar and Solana Beach are also good - but I generally like to eat light when I am feeling upset.

              1. I am so sorry, mine died a few months ago from FHL, it was awful. I think Elizabethan chocolate cupcakes would be good and a really good greasy burrito. Or a cross brioche or jesuite from a French bakery.
                What made me feel better was to look at the pictures posted by the North County animal shelter... when we are ready there are so many adorable cats that need a loving home.

                1. My heartfelt condolences, Enorah. I have been reading your posts and contributing to some of your threads since you moved to the Encinitas area and solicited food recommendations in the area. I've enjoyed your positive nature and sense of humor. So sorry about the loss of your kitty companion. While its been several years for me, I still feel pangs about my cat, who lived a very long and wonderful life. Gave my present pet an extra treat and slept extra close last night or two to help honor yours.

                  If you end up heading towards the beach, I'd stop into Juanita's. Items are small, and you aren't investing a lot of time, money or calories if you don't order much. The folks behind the counter, while quite busy, are always friendly and uplifting, and it draws a diverse and warm clientele enjoying themselves.

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                    Thank you all so much for your heartfelt responses to my loss. I can not express how meaningful it has been for me to feel you reach out to me.

                    It was a pizza at Manhattan Giant in Encinitas on D street that did it for me (2 days later). I would have gone to La Especial Norte, but I know all of the staff there so well at this point that I would have ended up crying in my soup.

                  2. ((((Enorah))))) So sorry for your loss, hon. I'm facing the same thing with my doggie this week, merely waiting for a call from the vet's office.

                    I would say go to VG's and while you are there stop in at Good Morning and browse Darryl's treasures. Or a big pastrami sandwich from Chili Coast or maybe a big bowl of soup from La Especial Norte.

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                      I am so sorry for your loss as well. May your poochie's transition be swift and peaceful, and may you find comfort in the love you shared.

                      I have not been to Chili Coast. Where is Chili Coast?

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                        Thanks Enorah.

                        Chili Coast is in Vista, 1330 E. Vista Way. It's a total greasy burger and fries hole in the wall with a decent (so I've been told, don't actually drink it myself) beer selection. I like the pastrami sandwich or the patty melt best, but my brother always ordered this thing called the Hockey burger, which is a split hot dog atop a burger all smothered in chili. I've been told that they also do an excellent veggie burger and veggie sub called the Coastal Veggie which features cheese, cream cheese, avocado and walnuts and has been given the nickname the "fat on fat". The Frings (onion ring/fries combo) are enormous and great to share.

                        Yay for the comfort of a VG's donut!

                    2. I did finally find healing in a donut at VG as well. LOL