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Apr 2, 2008 04:49 PM

Need quick but healthy ideas

Just wondering if anyone can offer me some quick, healthy snack or light meal ideas. I'm relatively proficient in the kitchen, but I just don't have the time to make elaborate meals, so I usually end up going out (which I LOVE, but it's a bit harder to know what you're eating when someone else is preparing it). Any suggestions? Bonus points if it's something I can take to work for lunch.

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  1. I'm having a blast with Weight Watcher recipes or converted recipes.

    Lasted recipe: Chicken/Turkey Cole Slaw (easy easy, can substitute shrimp - awesome) Take a bag of cole slaw, added chopped tomatoe, shredded chicken (buy a rotisserie from grocery store) (add whatever other vegies you like, I've been adding celery, red pepper, sliced radishes, even cranraisins). Dressing is light mayo, dijon mustard, cider vinigar, sugar or splenda. Shrimp is really awesome in it.

    1. I'd suggest making batches on weekends or whenever you have a spare couple hours and make things like(ch'rs who can cook every night don't hate me):

      - Chicken, broiled or grilled, any time you make some, make extras, lightly seasoned, and turn leftovers into chicken salad sandwiches, toss a few cubes on top of a green salad or into a pasta salad if you aren't totally avoiding carbs.
      - same goes for Salmon, grill/broil it, making extras and take it on your lunch (if fish smells aren't a nono in your office) with a salad or some veggies...I do the same w veggies too...if I make some veggies and dip to go with packed lunches for the kids, while I'm making theirs I make extras to have in the fridge for a quick bite.
      - Cooking Light has a recipe for diner meatloaf "muffins" that I've made with ground beef or chicken, cooks in half the time of an ordinary loaf and freezes well and packs nice.
      - Corn Chowder, excellent recipe in the WW cookbook, keeps well and with a salad makes for a nice lunch imho

      Ideas off the top of my head anyway...What do you usually have when you go out?

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        When I go out, I try to eat a lot of broth-based soups, seafood, salads (dressings on the side), and veggies. If I'm in need of a carb fix, I try to stick to small portions of whole-wheat pasta or brown rice. And this is going to sound INCREDIBLY weird and neurotic, but I actually carry around a little notebook in which I've written down all of the caloric values of foods I would normally pick to eat (plus copied calorie-counts for my favorite dishes at any of the chain restaurants I could possibly find myself in).

        1. re: Al_Pal

          Believe me it doesn't sound neurotic to me. DH and I have been doing for 18 mo and 12 mo respectively(took me awhile to catch on heh) and so I've been logging every bite for almost a year now. I've taken the odd "holiday" and not logged for a day or two but I've noticed if I stick to logging daily the scale moves down quicker ;)

          When I'm cooking at home (family of 5) I do just like lexipatti and make extras for lunches and plan ahead. One major change at the dinner table is the number of veggies at any one meal. We always have a green veg, whether it's steamed broccoli or a salad, and it's easy to just prep more lettuce than necessary and set some aside for the next day... and we also have raw veggies: carrots, bell peppers, sometimes broccoli, snap peas, celery etc and use lower fat "dips" like hummus or tzatziki that run 30 cals/2tbsp (on average) rather than say Renee's blue cheese which is 70 calories per tablespoon...small changes add up at the end of the day.

          I have a recipe here: for One-Pot chicken cacciatore... easy weeknight dinner and reheats well. You can sub mushrooms or other veggies for the zucchini if you prefer, and homemade marinara for the classico sauce - which I've done on occasion but not when I entered the recipe. If you search Recipes on the site and enter E's you'll come up with the recipes I've saved, they run the gamut of healthy to decadent however... just check the nutritional info first. :)

      2. I'm also enjoying roasted vegies, quick in the oven with only olive oil and s/p (sometimes add a few splashes of balsamic vinegar or lemon juice), make plenty so you have lunch for tomorrow. Top vegies on a great coucous/brown rice, with a few shavings of parm cheese and you have nice light meal.

        I make this salad that I keep in the fridge (last a long time because there aren't any tomatoes) but I mostly take handfuls and saute it in braggs liquid amino (healthy soy alternative) and put it over brown rice & lil cheese. You can also steam it, if your in the mood, also as a salad is great:
        1 head broccoli cut small pieces
        1 head of cauliflour - cut small pieces
        1 head of cabbage - shredded (bigger then cole slaw shred)
        1/2 head of red cabbage - shredded
        4 or 5 carrots - sliced thin

        You can add other things as you eat it or saute, like mushrooms, red peppers, etc. but if you put them in this base salad, it will spoil faster. This dry mix will last over a week.

        If you like shellfish (it's very low on WW), saute scallops or shrimp in your favorite herbs and seasoning. I did a recent ww recipe for Easter Dinner that was easy easy - ham wrapped scallops ( I used thin n trim ham) - sauce was so simple and delish - orance juice and balsamic vin - reduced to thicken.

        My thing is to always cook too much so we have great healthy lunches the next day.

        I just found this very low cal/fat kielbasa, awesome snack or on salad or with vegies on the side, stir fry with vegies.