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Apr 2, 2008 04:28 PM

Nate's review - what happened to this place?

We were torn whether or not to go to Nate's, after reading several reports on CH and Yelp, that food and service had gone waaaay downhill. The final decision was based on them being a Guide Pick on Guidelive and off we went. Wow! Was that the worst birthday dinner ever! Service was slow, the waiter forgot several items and then tried to overcharge us for $20 worth of food before I realized it and had him correct the check. The tea glass (i use the word glass loosely here) had a sugar wrapper in it that was tea stained so dark it was obvious it hadn't just gone in. Gross! I never got another tea. I guess he didn't realize he wasn't refilling a drink for me the entire meal.
It's crawfish season and they were having a great special on them at $4.99/lb., so we got a lb. of the Turbo. A very nice spice to them, large and it was a very generous lb. I almost decided I was overreacting and set out to have an enjoyable meal, but we were never offered the garlic bread/hushpuppies and then after we ordered the crawfish etouffee/fried combo he came back 20 min, later saying they they were out of crawfish for the etouffee and then another 10 min later saying they were out of the fried crawfish tails. I thought it was crawfish season!? Guidelive's review says Nate says himself that they would never use frozen crawfish. What is the deal here?
We are very hungry at this point and finally flagged down the manager who had just finished handling a complaint from a nearby table, and requested the complimentary garlic bread and hushpuppies. She said she would tell our waiter, but did they show up? No. Probably because he was completely overwhelmed by the crowd of people in his section. I just don't get it. Why do these people come here?
The bar is packed, btw. 2 deep at 8pm on a Tuesday night. The rest of the Metroplex's anti-smoking ordinances haven't hit Addison so it is very smoky.
What does Gordan Ramsey say about the palette of a smoker? It's like a donkey's backside? LOL. That explains it!
We ended up with the redfish on the half-shell. The half-shell as it turned out was the skin of the redfish burnt to a crisp on the bottom. It was $3 more for this cut vs. the other redfish entree and then they burn the thing? In all fairness, the snapper was not awful, but skip the etouffee topping as it tasted like it came out of a can but with fresh shrimp added. Actually, nix that and just don't go here. I here Dodie's isn't bad when you have a cajun craving. Hubby says we'll go there next time. Just wish I had my $70 back. :(

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  1. The only good thing about Nates is there bread and hush puppies. I have a friend who insist on eating there occasionally. I would rather eat at big easy any day for 1/3 the price.

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      the only problem with Big Easy is that afaik, they don't serve plain boiled crawfish, it's all fried or etouffeed.

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        When is the last time you had their bread and hushpuppies?
        I remember when I first went here back in 99 - the flaky bread with a nice garlic bite and it practically soaking, not soggy in buttery goodness.
        What we got night before last was anything but that. The bread was flaky, but stale, the butter not permeating the bread, but rather an oily wetness sitting at the bottom of the metal serving plate they came in. Even the sweet hushpuppies I usually fight the table over were small, heavy, practically tasteless. This was the one that was delivered warm. The 2nd one we sent back was delivered cold. Imagine all of that cold. Blech!

        1. re: HalfBaked

          Hum does not sound like what we got last time.

      2. I agree about Nate's. It's kinda bland I think. We tried Dodie's last week. The fried platters were limp and soggy. The crawfish was also cold and bland. I did not enjoy it as much and will probably not be going back there.

        1. If you are looking for a cajun fix Dodies is not the ticket. The Red beans and rice is better at Popeyes.

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          1. Over the years, I've been to Nate's no less than 40 times.

            I've eaten in the dining area ONCE and that was enough.

            The ONLY time I go there and the ONLY thing I eat there are the fresh crawfish with the turbo and I sit in the bar area to remedy the chronic service problem. And I only go there during the off hours which isn't easy.

            I've tried other places for crawfish but time and again, Nate's has the best.

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            1. re: Scagnetti

              The crawfish were good.
              But crawfish are my least favorite cajun specialty.
              Where can a girl get her cajun on?

                1. re: HalfBaked

                  Second the Alligator Cafe rec!

                  I am planning on making a trip to Houston later this month. I found this place it looks like and hour or so east of Houston


                  I will just go fish them out myself and not have to worry about service issues or how small they were