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Apr 2, 2008 04:22 PM

near the Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables

We're staying at the Biltmore, would like a place that's w/in walking distance that's open late and has simple, good food, ideally local (fish?).

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  1. There really isn't much that is walking distance from the Biltmore since it is in a residential area. A short taxi ride away you can go to Downtown coral gables or Merrick Park. In Downtown gables there are many restaurants, however, none of them really specialize in fish. There's bonefish grill but that's not really local just a chain. La Cofradia usually has great fish dishes as does Francesco.
    The Biltmore has a great brunch on Sundays and their restaurant Palme d'or is quite good.
    Hopefully, someone will name a place that I can't think of right now.

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      thanks! any opinion re por fin (been trolling the board and was intrigued). and would love to hear more re palme d'or.

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        Is Tarpon Bend a seafood place? Or did that leave Coral Gables?

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          That's true Tarpon Bend is on the Mile and serves fresh seafood.

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            still there and doing even better now with less competition in that block

        2. Excellent Sushi at Matsuri which is in a strip mall a long walking distance, 57th Ave and 40th St. Palme d'Or is lovely. If you want high-end, I strongly recommend Pascal's on Ponce, a long walk or a short cab in Coral Gables.

          1. Key West by the Gables 2238 Red Road went there a little while back. Nice place with comfy decor and clean inside of old grocery store. The food was good and prices were reasonable for portions. Try the crab croquette and fried shrimp. This place is not far from Biltmore at all.

            1. There's great fresh fish at ArtFish on the Mile. I've eaten there twice and both times the food has been excellent, though very empty. I was initially terrified of eating in an empty seafood restaurant as I'm quite picky about seafood, but they maintain it very well. Great crabcakes too.

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                Is ArtFish the one that opened up in the former Anacapri spot?

              2. The original comment has been removed