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Apr 2, 2008 03:47 PM

Canadian Pacific Halibut

David Lee, co-owner and executive chef of Splendido, tells us in the Globe & Mail today that Pacific halibut from the Queen Charlotte Islands is now in season. Has anyone seen it for sale outside of a restaurant? I'll be doing my own search by phone, but would appreciate any suggestions for places to check in the northern reaches of suburban Toronto. SLM is always a possibility, but it's a 3-4 hour commute for me.

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  1. Sobey's is featuring it this week.

    Try to go to a large Sobey's with dedicated fish staff, and you should get a decent steak.

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      1. re: torontovore

        I bought some last Saturday at my local Sobey's. I have to say I was impressed. This was before the David Lee recipe, and so I was left to my own resources. Given the weather I decided I would marinate it in a curry sauce and barbecue it directly on the grill. It's firmness held up very well. If you do 'cue it, just make sure you remove it as soon as it's starting to flake and use a very sharp, firm spatula. Either way, enjoy!

    1. Bumping this thread one year later, as Sobey's now has first of season Pacific halibut, $10/lb for steaks.

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      1. re: jayt90

        I find the seafood quality at Sobey's to be pretty good. must be the East Coast thing.

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            The clerk at Sobey's (Liverpool Rd) sold me two large steaks for $15. They had a large halibut on display, and she said the fish arrived last night and were prepared this morning. I expect other fishmongers to get a supply too, but I mention Sobey's because they feature it every April and have a good supply line to their larger stores.

            1. re: jayt90

              just curious if there are other stores.. the nearest sobey's to me is rather awkward to get to considering i am only a ttc-er.

              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                Whereabouts are you? There's a Sobey's with a dedicated fish/seafood dept on St Clair about a block east of the subway station on Yonge. Also a Sobey's on Danforth just west of Main station but not 100% sure of the fish/seafood selection there.

                1. re: JamieK

                  ah! i just used the sobey's website.... the nearest among my usual grocery route seems to be by dupont! thanks!

        1. I'd just like to quickly add that I had it last night for dinner, and it was quite fabulous. Seared with a simple herb crust (dill, parsley, chives) and a lemon/fried caper butter sauce.

          Really nice fish. I was quite happy to have been able to find such quality at a chain supermarket that has it being mass-promoted nonetheless. Highly recommended.

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          1. re: Oxygen8

            I had some tonight. You can get the filets (as opposed to the steak) for $1/pound extra. that's the family pack price, but my wife just asked at the counter if we could get the lower price and they said ok (never hurts to ask).

            Anyhow, the fish was great. Very firm, moist, although I overcooked it slightly. I really do like the seafood at Sobey's. The one fish I would never buy at a big grocery store is tuna. It always looks discolored.

            I also did a herb crust, along with minced lemon zest and a bit of panko.

            1. re: grandgourmand

              Grrr.....I'm feeling ripped off. I went to the Sobeys at Front St and they were selling the steaks for $10.99 /lb and filets for $12.99 /lb.

              1. re: sbug206

                You paid the right price. In both cases, the value pack (3 steaks or filets) are a buck less per pound.

                We bought from the counter, not prepackaged, so asked to get the value pack price and the said ok.

                1. re: grandgourmand

                  I have always got the advertised special price at the counter. But if there is not a full service seafood counter you may have to settle for the tray price and indifferent handling.

              2. re: grandgourmand

                I'm happy to hear you also had a positive experience! I also used filets -- for some reason, I've got an aversion to "steak" versions of fish; salmon especially. I have no idea why, but I'll always choose filets, or nothing at all.

                And I agree 495% regarding tuna. It NEVER looks fresh enough- always grey and without any vibrance to the flesh whatsoever. Maybe if I were making tuna salad, but then, I'd pay $0.99 for a can.

                I just love the buttery texture of halibut. It's like the white tuna.