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Apr 2, 2008 03:40 PM

Vodka spiking different types of melons

So, we've all heard of and probably even enjoyed a Vodka Watermelon (where you take a whole intact watermelon and fill it up with vodka and let it soak in), but I am searching for some help from anyone with comments and ideas on spiking other types of melons, such as Honeydew melons or Rockmelon/Cantalopes!

If anyone has had an attempt at spiking these other delicious fruits, or if you have theories to the success of spiking other melons, all will be appreciated!

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  1. Watermelon is very porous, but cantaloupes and honeydews aren't. I'm having a hard time imagining it working. Have had jello shots and Long Island Iced teas (the strong version -- vodka and iced tea mix) before but never had the vodka watermelon. Sounds interesting.

    1. I've done that vodka watermelon a few times - good stuff! I agree with Miss Needle - I would think that other melons are too dense, and you'd end up with no vodka taste throughout the melon and the vodka would be concentrated in the area around the pour.

      1. the other problem you'll have-- erm-- i mean, i could see someone having, if they attempted to do this with something other than a watermelon---- is that the liquor will pool in the central cavity of the melon, where all the strings and seeds are, and not soak into the flesh so much. since the seeds and strings aren't consumed (or consumed as happily as fruit chunks), you'll waste booze. watermelon doesn't have a central cavity and the seeds are spread throughout, so it is a better liquor vehicle. however there are some lesser-known watermelons, including golden-fleshed ones, moon & star, small varietal watermelons with a size more suited to a more intimate group, that can be enhanced with a traveler bottle, or even a pint, for really tiny melons.

        if you're dead set on spiking other melons besides watermelon, make a spiked fruit salad, using melon chunks, for example with a generous dressing of-- mojito, say. you might be able to get around the problem that way.

        1. Thanks for your help everyone! Much appreciated!

          I might get a golden watermelon and use apple schnapps... sounds good!