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Apr 2, 2008 03:25 PM

Dinner Recommendations near McGill

I don't know Montreal well in spite of loving the city more with every visit - I'll be staying at Sheraton Four Points Centre Ville - where are the top chow destinations for dinner on a Tuesday and Wednesday night, ideally within a 15 minute walk? Great creative or classic food, solid bartending/wine list, fun or cool vibe, and not over the top expensive or formal are my preferences. I may be alone or with a group of up to six.

For a reference point, the best meal I've had in Montreal was many years (maybe even 10) ago at L'Express. I'm also shocked to learn that Brunoise is gone - it was a highlight for me most recently - last summer, I think (although every course included foam and the prices were sky high, so maybe it's not as much of a shock now that I consider it..).

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  1. Brunoise Brasserie is not far from McGill. The food is not as fancy as the old Brunoise, but it's still a good bet for an excellent meal. I think BB is your best bet.

    1. You'll be very close to Pullman wine bar, for decent wines and light meals. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, there's Au Pied de Cochon (perhaps more than 15 minute walk, but certainly not more than 25...), which is something you won't find anywhere else in North America. Another nearby option is Pintxo (tapas), a little further (but clustered in the same general area) are Bouchonne (about 20 minutes' walk up St. Laurent), Bu wine bar, and L'Atelier. Au 5e Peche is also walkable from where you'll be, but again might be a bit more than 15 minutes. All would fit your requirements, and would be just as accommodating for a solo diner as for a group of 6 (although you should reserve with 6, even on a weeknight at places like Pied de Cochon and 5e Peche)

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        Many thanks - we had a memorable feast at PDC that included the foie gras poutine shared by three, the duck in a can, the lamb shank, and the bison ribs, followed by a dessert each (the unemployed pudding was the winner) - the server was spectacular - spot on recommendations and guidance about the food and wine.

        Reservations are a must (even for the bar) - the entire place was packed completely on a Wed night - we had to arrive at 6p and leave by 8p (though we ended up there until more like 8:30p waiting for the check and settling it - OK with us, not so much with the hostess...).

        Dinner the next night at Lemeac was also amazing - for me a nice counterbalance with lighter, more refined dishes (calamari to start, salmon pot au feu, and a cheese instead of dessert) but still totally satisfying with great service and atmosphere.

        Montreal is a an amazing place for dining out (and I really loved my run around and up/down Mont Royal in spite of the slush, ice, sand, and snow on the roads there) - I hope to return soon!

      2. I would recommend the following, all easily within a 15 min. walk:
        - Pullman, a very interesting albeit somewhat pricy wine bar.
        - La Porte, a fantastic take on French cuisine.
        - Ferriera, a high end Portuguese restaurant that features some of the best seafood in the city.

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          I don't usually think of Pullman as a place you go to eat dinner. Snacks, sure, full meal, not so much... I could be wrong.

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            What one calls snacks the other calls tapas. I find their menu interesting though things do tend to add up.


        2. I will add Marche 27 to the mix. It's one block west of St. Laurent on Prince Arthur. It has a range of light to hearty items, its not to expensive and its got a trendy spin to it.

          If you are down for brining your own wine, Tay Do is a great Vietnamese place on Duluth (a little bit more than a 15 min. walk, but not much, I would say 20 max). Its cheep and great food and is usually packed. I'm not sure if they take resos but you can try giving them a call, for a group of 6 you may be able to swing something.

          (Its on Duluth at Henri-Jullien which is two blocks east of St. Denis)

          1. Restaurant Julien on Union
            Bronte, on Sherbrooke

            Our two favourites from our recent trip (We were staying at the Ritz, just down the street from the Sheraton):