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Apr 2, 2008 03:01 PM

CT/ Western MA Lunch destination?

We are forgoing the usual birthday dinner this year. My husbands wants to go somewhere for lunch. It will be on a Thursday and he gave me a list of requirements:

1- Not fried clams at the shore (this seems to be out default lunch destination)

2- No further than an hour and a half from Granby, CT

3- Would prefer a full bar, but beer and wine would be fine

4- Does not have to be fancy but it must be memorable

He is an adventurous diner and will try anything. Any suggestions?


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  1. not sure if they serve lunch, but tosca in suffield, ct is usually good.
    in enfield, ct: hazard grill
    in springfield, ma:
    ~the student prince -- german restaurant
    ~350 grill [great ribeyes, veal chop, fish]
    ~max's tavern [beef]

    1. How about Metro Bis in Simsbury..