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Where in the DC area can I get great Liver and Onions

I am looking for a restaurant or diner that serves great liver and onions. It is one of my favorite meals but hard to find

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  1. Old Ebbit Grill has it I believe and I once had it at The Majestic in Old Town but they do change their menu occasionally so you may have to call and check if they still do it...

      1. Le Mistral in McLean. Very Gallic preparation with caramelized onions and shallots and a cider vinegar reduction. Pair this entree with their sublime onion soup and you'll be one happy 'hounder.

        1. It's a staple at Le Vieux Logis in Bethesda, traditional preparation. It's my husband's all time favorite.

          1. I can't vouch for it, but it is a mainstay at Clyde's in Friendship Heights.

            1. I can't resist it at Montmartre on 7th Street, SE, at Eastern Market.
              The way it should be done!

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                Second Monthmartre. Excellent presentation and preparation. I'd say best in town.

                Levi's Port Cafe has it on their menu, but it's an occasional item. Same with the Tastee Diners, but not so great there. The liver and onions at Deli City is alright, but you really go there for the reuben.

                Long ago, I stopped by Kelly's Ellis Island near Catholic University and the daily special was liver and onions, so I ordered them. I don't know whether the waiter really liked me or whether nobody had ordered them all day and they had plenty sitting around, but they gave me a 9" stack of liver and onions. There had to be at least five pounds of liver. I barely made a dent in them. I had them for dinner the next day and the day after that.

                I still had some left in my fridge 4 days later.

              2. A friend went to Central today for lunch and said it was one of the specials today.

                1. Sorry if someone else already mentioned -- and different than other suggestions, but you did say diner -- Florida Grill has it on the menu. Don't know if it's any good, that place is pretty greasy (not that that's a bad thing), but might be worth a trip.

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                    Florida Ave. Grill has beef liver. Lots of people aren't so big on that - many prefer calves liver. I've never had it either.

                    FL Ave Grill is NOT greasy!! That place is clean. I have never had a problem there!
                    Yummy smothered pork chop with my breakfast this morning! Yum.

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                      I didn't mean greasy as in the restaurant being dirty, sorry if it sounded that way. I really love it there.

                  2. Bistro D'oc around Penn Quarter has a great liver dish.

                    1. A bit out of the way, but Umberto's in the Cabin John strip mall does a very good liver and onions. It might just be a special though - I'd call ahead to check if you are planning to head out that way for it.

                      The best liver and onions I've had in DC is long since gone (oh, for a Duke Zeibert's salad and their liver and onions prep....)

                      1. Call your nearest Clyde's location; it is a frequent menu item. The Clydes in Reston does a credible version, using thin slices of liver.

                        It was years ago, but Vidalia did a phenomenal rendition for me. They seared a very thick slab of liver, then made vertical slices, so there was plenty of pink inside.

                        1. Landini Brothers in Old Town Alexandria. AND.... they cook it to order! I love it medium.

                          1. Anyone have experience with the liver and onions at Bob & Edith's or the liver (and onions?) at Minerva?

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                              Avoid the liver and onions at Bob & Ediths. I don't think enough people order it, so they tend to not have it whenever I ask. When I've had it, it was pretty tough.