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Apr 2, 2008 02:16 PM

Any deep dish pizza near Hartford?

I can't find it anywhere. I'm talking the big sloppy real deal deep dish pizza, not the wimpy stuff they have at Uno.


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  1. Vito's on the Park at Bushnell Park in Downtown Hartford. Most authentic. Also, though not a true deep dish, try Lena's in Hartford on Park for a Stuffed Pizza.

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    1. re: rrdrums

      The original Vito's is in Wethersfield on Silas Deane Highway. Their deep dish is excellent. They also had a place in Newington. All run by the same family. Check it out. Jay

      1. re: JayCT

        When I saw the menu on their website I was a little scared - it said Chicago style deep dish stuffed pizza. I called to ask, and sure enough it's 2 crusts. I'm still going to try it, but also still looking for a real messy deep dish pizza - cheese and meats on the bottom, tomato sauce on top..

    2. Just giving this a bump because I'm still looking. Hopefully I don't have to have one shipped in from Lou Malnati's just to try it.

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        Other than Vito's, you are out of luck. And the rest of CT rejoices. There is great pride taken in the preparation and consumption of Neopolitan pizza in CT, and the Chicago style has never found much favor. There are still a lot (too many IMHO) of rectangular Sicilian pizzas around central CT that lack originality, a decent crust, and flavor, but they are now losing out to the proliferation of New Haven style pizza that has migrated north. With the influx of more good New Haven style pizzas in the area, your favorite deep dish style doesn't really stand much of a chance of grabbing hold. But since Vito's is somewhat of an institution, it will be around for a good long while.

        1. re: FoodieJim

          It's not my favorite, I just want to try it. I've only sampled anything remotely like deep dish from Uno's at Westfarms before they closed, and judging by pictures I've seen, it's nothing like a real deep dish pie.

          My personal favorite is greek style, although with Pizza West closed, I haven't really been eating it as much. Park Lane is OK but not as good.. Harry's Bishop's Corner is my favorite pizza at the moment.

          I agree on the crummy square pies, I've had some pretty awful ones. Avoid Angelina's on Prospect Ave at all costs.

          1. re: ratbuddy

            Love your post as Pizza is near and dear to my heart. I live around the corner from Barb's and Park Lane in WH and my SO loves Park Lane's pizza almost more than life itself. Since you said it's just OK...I thought I'd mention that we just did a pizza comparison of Park Lane and Yanni's in Newington and I thought Yanni's was pretty awesome. I had something "exotic"...the buffalo chicken pizza and it was killer and the crust while similar to Park Lane's, was a little bit lighter, butterier and crunchier.
            If you've never been to Yanni's I'd recommend it. Plus it certainly has way more ambiance than Park Lane (desperately in need of some TLC both inside and out). Yanni's PACKs them in too.

            1. re: masha bousha

              Awesome, where is Yanni's?

              You mentioned lighter, butterier, crunchier, sounds perfect for me. There was another place in Newington called Pizza Barn, same plaza as 7-11 on Willard. I only tried it once, and loved the crust for being so flaky and buttery. Perfect crust-sauce-cheese ratio too and cooked just right. It would have become my new place, but went out of business about 3 days after I "discovered" it. Sigh.

              1. re: ratbuddy

                It's in Newington near the town's center. I'm suprised and happy to report that they have a website:

                That's sad about Pizza Barn...that place had been there for years.
                If you do check out Yanni' your findings as I'd be interested in your thoughts.

      2. Vito's by the Park is great for deep dish pizza. The ambiance is also wonderful. The menu lists three different varieties of deep dish pizza, but Vito's will customize the filling for you. Really nice with a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, the wine list has experienced large price increases in the past year.