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Apr 2, 2008 02:09 PM

Best mail order tamales?

I know this has been asked before and I've checked the archives.

I just placed an order to "Hot Damn, Tamales!". I've ordered from them before and enjoyed them. The reason I chose them instead of another company was because they offer black bean and oaxaca cheese tamales and fresh corn and cheese tamales (which are very good), in addition to the regular beef, chicken or pork ones, which I also ordered.

What's your favorite tamale company? I've seen lots of mention of Pedro's tamales, but have never tried theirs. Any other favorites?

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  1. I will have to try HD,T! - I often order (and have bought locally at farmer's markets here in Los Angeles) tamales from Corn Maiden, whose carnitas and other traditional varieties are very good, and they offer many silly California cuisine "Gourmet" varieties as well.

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      Wow! Now there are some interesting ones. And those Belgian chocolate/raspberry ones look decadent. Thanks!

      And Thank You Lenox637. I didn't realize Sylvia's had a web site now. I'd forgotten their name - but was told about their Green Corn Tamales by a co-worker from Arizona a long time ago - I ordered them by phone. Once I finish some of the 5 1/2 dozen (!) I ordered, I definitely plan on ordering some green corn tamales - they are wonderful.

    2. I get mine from

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        1. Beware of mail ordering tamales from Hot Damn! We ordered dozens of tamales to be a staple at our holiday party this past Saturday. We ordered them to ship 2 day (required) and arrive on Friday. Despite every reassurance and paying $50 for shipping, the tamales NEVER came. It's Monday afternoon - still no tamales. I called the company Friday. A woman told me that she would check on the order and get right back to me, but NEVER called back. Then they closed. I called Saturday, frantic by now to fill this huge GAP in our dinner menu. I had to pull off something to feed 30 people in hours. The same woman answered and said she would call UPS and see what was going on, then call me right back. Guess what? NO CALL! Today, no one answers the phone at Hot Damn. The "tracking number" they provided does not work and the email address on their site comes back undeliverable. Avoid this place and spare yourself the stress. What a HUGE disappointment and so far, we feel victimized by Hot Damn Tamales.

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            Hiya Smilemarlo - Did Hot Damn! ever make things right for you? I ordered from these guys in the fall to try against Corn Maiden - didn't love them but they were decent - I'm going to keep looking around. IF you have time, I'd like to know what HD! finally did (or didn't) do about your problem order!

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