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Apr 2, 2008 01:49 PM

indian buffets near union square

i am a student at cardozo law school (12th st. & 5th ave.) and am curious about any good/cheap indian lunch buffets nearby. any suggestions? thanks.

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  1. Cafe Spice is right around the corner but it's pricey and I don't think that there's a lunch buffet. Another option would be to take the 6 two stops up to 28th St. and hit the Curry Hill places (many of which have lunch buffets). Or walk there if it's a nice day and you've got a long break.

    However, the best option for Indian buffet in the area--and the one I chose all the time when I was at Cardozo--is the Whole Foods salad bar. The saag paneer and dal are great; the naan is not exactly authentic but still good. It can get a little expensive if you really pile it up, but it's still the cheapest (and best and closest) option.

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      thanks jake - much appreciated! when did you graduate? what kind of law are you practicing?

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        my yu mail still works; username: wentwort

    2. You might want to take a walk down to Indian Taj on Bleecker Street. It's not totally amazing, but the buffet is good and around $10. Probably a 10-15 minute walk.

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        Not only do I second Indian Taj, but I'll upgrade it to one of the best Indian buffet bargains for price and quality anywhere in Manhattan. Excellent Tandori, Tikki Masala, and tender Goat meat on the bone. Great sauces and hot and fresh Naan. It's on Bleecker near Sullivan and cost $8.95 for the lunch buffet. Enjoy!

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          FuDee, you must be crazy. One of the best Indian buffets in the city? I can think of at least three better ones on 28th and Lex alone. The Indian Taj's buffet is extremely cream laden, and I question the quality of the oil they're using. I've eaten there a few times, and every time I've felt severely bloated and unwell afterward. The vegetarian items at this buffet are particularly mediocre. Take the dal mahkni, for instance. Why so much cream? Dal mahkni isn't supposed to be a creamy dish. The buffet is uniformly under-spiced also. Yeah, it's cheap, but it isn't very good either. Get on the 6 at Bleecker and head up to 28th street.

      2. Absolutely, head up to Curry Hill. We have found the buffet at Tiffin Wallah, all vegetarian (but still great) to be about the best around for the price. And, its a pretty place, newly done. As for "regular" or more upscale buffets, we like Chola, on East 58th, and Jackson Diner. To us, it is amazing how poor some Indian buffets really can be, with the only edible items the Nan and the dessert.