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Apr 2, 2008 01:42 PM

Anything good within walking distance of the Hyatt Regency in Rochester?

Hi Hounds,

DC resident going to Rochester for two nights for a conference. I need to find a place for dinner on Saturday night and a quick breakfast on Sunday (not a brunch) within easy walking distance of the Hyatt Regency. I'll probably be alone and I don't eat meat so don't recommend Dinosaurs or wings. Is there anything?

Thanks, shellymck

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  1. Saturday night shouldn't be a problem for dinner. But breakfast on Sunday could be a little tricky. If you go out from the Hyatt and head east on Main Street you'll come to East Avenue. There are a number of choices there. Golden Port is a pretty good dim sum and sushi place. Further up on East Avenue is a bar named Matthews which has okay burgers and bar fare. One block north on the corner of Mathews and Charlotte Streets is an excellent Greek/Sicilian restaurant called Eros. I love this place, but my wife is a little less enthusiastic.
    On the next block over (Winthrop) is 2Vine, an Italian restaurant. Most people love this place. I found it expensive and not particularly good.
    Still further east on East Avenue (and a bit more of a walk) are Veneto (casual Italian) and The Social (tapas) owned by the same people. I've eaten at both several time and can recommend them both without any concerns. My only problem is that Veneto's menu hasn't significantly changed since it opened and I've had almost everything on it.
    Across the street (and slightly down an alley) is a new tapas place called One. I haven't been there yet but others I've spoken to have loved it.
    Downtown Rochester is basically a still-life painting on weekends during the day. I can't think of a breakfast place to recommend within walking distance. Back on East Avenue is Spin Coffee which has coffee and muffins/pastries/etc, but real breakfast places are a bit of a hike.

    1. Thanks, tuttobene, for taking the time to respond. I did search the boards before posting but couldn't find anything that mentioned the Hyatt. Your post is more than enough info for the weekend. Thanks a lot.