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Conshohocken Restaurants

Any recommendations for restaurants in Conshohocken? Any good BYOB's?

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  1. Fayette Street Grill (BYOB): 3 course price fixed meal. Good to very good food. But beware, when full the restaurant is noisy.

    Viggiano's (BYOB) and Totaro's (not BYO): We had terrible meals at both and will not go back.

    Blackfish (BYOB): Pricy and mediocre in our one attempt. Might try it again.

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      I second nevets post, except to say that other than on a weekend night, I have not found Fayette Street Grille excessively noisy.

    2. Vince Totaro has a BYO on Spring Mill rd, not the Totaro mentioned by nevets. It is Italian and very good and very small. Highly recommended.

      1. I really enjoyed Spamps when I was there (twice, about a year ago). I don't hear much about it on here. Also, the owner/staff were so nice. http://www.spampsrestaurant.com/

        1. Check out Blackfish. You get a gourmet meal that would cost $500 for 2 including wine in Philly for about $100 per couple. There are some complaints on these boards but it seems like they are from people who are looking for faults. The short rib there is amazing. I just wish they would serve it by itself instead of with the surf and turf so that I could get more.

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            Blackfish is also a good alternative. It seems not to be consistent though. I'd try it if I were you.

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              You've got to be kidding...the equivalent of a Blackfish meal for $500 in the city, where? Also, just because people have a less than stellar meal doesn't mean they are looking for faults. It may just mean that they had a meal that did not meet their expectations.

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                I agree with mddletown... if you go back and read some member's older posts, you'll find a pattern of complaints. It seems like some people are more concerned with spending the least amount of money, than getting a quality product. If you want to dine, go to blackfish, if you want to eat, go to the great american pub up the street.

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                  I'm not sure where the $500 thing comes from, you'd have a hard time spending $500 for dinner for two at even the most expensive restaurants in the city. Blackfish's prices are comparable to restaurants in the city, I think. My one meal there was pretty good, some dishes fell short but it's definitely worth checking out if you live in Conshy.

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                    If you get out of Le Bec Fin and Lacroix under $500 with wine and tip you must be ordering the cheapest wine on the menu. A bottle of Silver Oak at Blackfish is about $85. Its more like $300 at a resturant with a license. Its definitely a good value to dine at Blackfish.

                2. I have to say that I've had a couple good meals at blackfish. I just went recently and I'm a huge fan of shortribs. You can get the surf and turf with just the turf. I was in heaven. They have changed the menu a bit which is great. They had smoked columbia river sturgeon layered with a sturgeon mousse. It was fantastic. You should definitely give it a try

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                    I agree with the last 2 posts.

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                      For what it is worth - have dined at Black fish a couple of times with large parties and it has always been very good. Would also strongly recommend trattoria totoro's on Spring Mill. Perconni's on Hector is also pretty good - service needs a little work. And there is always the Spring Mill Cafe...

                  2. wow. i have never dined at blackfish but i have also never, ever spent $500 on dinner - business functions included (and i plan events at a pharmaceutical company.). i will go to extreme lengths for my food but that just sounds crazy to me!

                    anyway, has pepperoncini really not been mentioned yet? they aren't BYO, but they are great! delicious yet inexpensive.
                    also the incredibly hidden china king II (takeout) used to be yummy. best vegetarian eggrolls around (and i once got takeout vege eggrolls from everywhere in the area to do a fair taste testing). those are my most missed thing about the neighborhood! i also used to like the pizza (and especially the sauce) at tony a's, and i found simple pleasures in the tomato/moz hoagie from on a roll. oh, and make the drive up to norristown for taqueria la michoacana.

                    to be honest i had the most charming house, wonderful neighbors and a short commute, but i had to move from conshy for the lack of restaurants. i don't like to drive and my needs for a yummy dinner were forcing me into the car much more than i would have liked. viggiano's, tony & joe's, great american pub, coyote crossing, chiangming, the chinese place next door, even stella blu and gypsy saloon i rated in varying degrees of 'just OK.'