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Apr 2, 2008 01:35 PM

Conshohocken Restaurants

Any recommendations for restaurants in Conshohocken? Any good BYOB's?

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  1. Fayette Street Grill (BYOB): 3 course price fixed meal. Good to very good food. But beware, when full the restaurant is noisy.

    Viggiano's (BYOB) and Totaro's (not BYO): We had terrible meals at both and will not go back.

    Blackfish (BYOB): Pricy and mediocre in our one attempt. Might try it again.

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      I second nevets post, except to say that other than on a weekend night, I have not found Fayette Street Grille excessively noisy.

    2. Vince Totaro has a BYO on Spring Mill rd, not the Totaro mentioned by nevets. It is Italian and very good and very small. Highly recommended.

      1. I really enjoyed Spamps when I was there (twice, about a year ago). I don't hear much about it on here. Also, the owner/staff were so nice.

        1. Check out Blackfish. You get a gourmet meal that would cost $500 for 2 including wine in Philly for about $100 per couple. There are some complaints on these boards but it seems like they are from people who are looking for faults. The short rib there is amazing. I just wish they would serve it by itself instead of with the surf and turf so that I could get more.

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            Blackfish is also a good alternative. It seems not to be consistent though. I'd try it if I were you.

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              You've got to be kidding...the equivalent of a Blackfish meal for $500 in the city, where? Also, just because people have a less than stellar meal doesn't mean they are looking for faults. It may just mean that they had a meal that did not meet their expectations.

              1. re: nevets

                I agree with mddletown... if you go back and read some member's older posts, you'll find a pattern of complaints. It seems like some people are more concerned with spending the least amount of money, than getting a quality product. If you want to dine, go to blackfish, if you want to eat, go to the great american pub up the street.

                1. re: nevets

                  I'm not sure where the $500 thing comes from, you'd have a hard time spending $500 for dinner for two at even the most expensive restaurants in the city. Blackfish's prices are comparable to restaurants in the city, I think. My one meal there was pretty good, some dishes fell short but it's definitely worth checking out if you live in Conshy.

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                    If you get out of Le Bec Fin and Lacroix under $500 with wine and tip you must be ordering the cheapest wine on the menu. A bottle of Silver Oak at Blackfish is about $85. Its more like $300 at a resturant with a license. Its definitely a good value to dine at Blackfish.

                2. I have to say that I've had a couple good meals at blackfish. I just went recently and I'm a huge fan of shortribs. You can get the surf and turf with just the turf. I was in heaven. They have changed the menu a bit which is great. They had smoked columbia river sturgeon layered with a sturgeon mousse. It was fantastic. You should definitely give it a try

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                    I agree with the last 2 posts.

                    1. re: idia

                      For what it is worth - have dined at Black fish a couple of times with large parties and it has always been very good. Would also strongly recommend trattoria totoro's on Spring Mill. Perconni's on Hector is also pretty good - service needs a little work. And there is always the Spring Mill Cafe...