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Apr 2, 2008 01:31 PM

Fanta Lemon or Fanta Limon

Anybody know where to get Fanta Lemon or Fanta Limon in Brooklyn or Queens? Most places carry Fanta Pineapple, which looks like Fanta Lemon, but is totally different.

With the arrival of spring, I've been thinking about tinto de verano, which is a half red wine and half fanta lemon. It makes a super quick and very refreshing sangria.

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  1. Yes, great Spanish drink, much better than a Calimocho... my local Western Beef has Mexican Pepsi so maybe they have Mexican Fanta Limon (lemon) as well which would be closer to the Fanta in Spain. In Spain they also use Gaseosa which is basically sweetened seltzer I guess. How bout using Pelligrino Limonata?

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    1. re: Flaco

      Thanks. I'm wondering if the Pellegrino limonata might not be sufficiently tart and sweet enough compared to Fanta Lemon.

      1. re: susiederkins

        Too bad Jarritos no longer makes a limon... my charnega wife agrees with me that a lime flavored soda just won't do. I wonder if Despana carries Gaseosa? The nonflavored would be the ticket.

        1. re: Flaco

          Good news - I bought a Jarritos Limon at a small grocery in Sunset Park a few days ago....

          1. re: georgiebest66

            Not Jarritos Lima-Limon? We used some tonight with a day old garnacha and presto... tinto de verano!

            1. re: Flaco

              It was yellow/green in color one and the bottle read Limon on the Spansih side of the label and Lime on the English side. It was the one pictured here:


              Btw, which Western Beef store sells Mexican Coke or Pepsi? I currently buy it a few bottles at a time in delis in Sunset Park and would love to find a spot where I can buy it in larger quantities....

              1. re: georgiebest66

                That looks good. I'm in Stapleton in the forgotten borough where the local Western Beef is in the midst of an overhaul... that's where I found Mexican Pepsi. Jarritos is everywhere, but it seems that the flavors aren't. Poke your head into the little Mexican stores/delis and you'll often find a nice surprise grill in the back!

    2. Try the Polish food markets in Greenpoint. They have a Polish import Fanta lemon. I also noticed that they do have Kas limón at Despaña in soho. Which means they probably have it at the main store in Jackson Heights. The Greek markets in Astoria have a similar lemon soda to Fanta. Can't remember what that's called. Another alternative is Club brand lemon soda from any number of Irish places in Sunnyside or Woodside.

      1. for a great sangria variation try fresca with red wine. DOn't laugh until you try it, I've served it to many clients on catering events and they love the sangria. Refreshing and quick. of course you can add fresh fruit to it and jazz it up more but even "straight up" it just works. I keep trying to find Jarritos Grapefruit wholesale or in large bottles. Occasionally Western Beef on College Point Avenue carries the grapefruit in 2 liter bottles but not too often and Restaurant Depot, a wholesale supplier carries the Jaritos line but never grapefruit. A favorite Mexican joint called the downtown bakery has the bottles - so they may have the lemon lime. Check it out (and get the chicken mole while you are there which is the best mole I've tasted inthis city) they are on 1st Avenue around 4th Street in the east village "the downtown bakery" hole in the wall mostly takeout great breakfast, lunch and dinner (and no I do not own it or work for them - just a loyal customer who drives out of my way to get a breakfast burritto or chicken mole or guacamole or... from them )

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          red wine and fresca sounds like it would make a great tinto verano, esp because gaseosa always tastes to me like it has artificial sweetener in it. so using fresca would recreate that taste.
          or perhaps the most authentic would be half fresca/half seltzer with the red wine, since gaseosa is less "sweet" and lighter than fresca.
          btw, how easy is fresca to find these days?

          1. re: missmasala

            fresca is not hard to find
            both in 1.5 liter bottles and cans
            we get it all the time at various supermarkets
            such as stop n shop
            key food
            c town
            western beef.

            I don't like artificial sweetners in sodas but can tolerate in fresca
            especially mixed with the red whine - opps mean wine...
            it's a great trick for a picnic too.

            1. re: tigerwoman

              Citrus Fresca is Ok for Sangria but after finding Grapefruit flavored Fresca once again in both in Quebec and Western Canada, I'm back in New York hungering for this. Local Fresca in cans is Citrus flavored, not Grapefruit! I was told it can be had in 1-1/2 litre bottles, but I want the 18 - 20 oz bottles. Anyone know where I can get it?
              Even from Canada?

              1. re: urbane

                i thought fresca was always grapefruit.

                never knew it came in more than one flavor.

        2. I drank liters and liters of Kas Limon when I was in Spain a few weeks ago, and I believe that's much like Fanta Limon. I remember that the bottles said something like 6% zumo... or 6% juice, so I added a shot of lemon juice to my Sprite. Although not exactly the same, it did come pretty close.

          1. The Italian section of the 13th Avenue C Town in Dyker Heights carries it along with the other flavors you'd find in Italy.