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Apr 2, 2008 01:28 PM

Congee Noodle House - Vancouver

I'm headed over the Congee Noodle House tonight for some dinner. I've been there before a few times, but once was with a Taiwanese girl who seemed to know what to order and handled everything with the waitress without any input from me and the gf. She couldn't even really explain what we were eating in English. It was all very tasty, but I'm still a bit intimidated by the large menu. I've had congee there a few times, once with pork and oysters and the another time I had the preserved egg and pork congee.

Do any of you experts out there have any suggestions for general things I should try? My unfamiliarity with most Chinese food is deplorable, especially for having lived on the coast for over five years, but I'd like to learn more and get a feel for authentic/semi-authentic specialties. I definitely am not adverse to trying things that are out of the ordinary.

Also on my hit list for places to go is Peaceful. Their beef roll looks tasty!

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  1. Go there late at night - there is an intriguing looking late night menu with all sorts of crazy looking stuff. I have yet to indulge in the late night menu.

    Here's my take on Congee Noodle House - they do a good congee. Their other dishes are hit or miss....standard Cantonese fare is just fine too (and it's a pretty good value.) It's safe to order braises, stirfries, chow mein, some BBQ (the duck is pretty good), etc. However...they have a funky tasting master stock - so I avoid the soups.

    Many noodle houses with a BBQ component have a stock that is often too funky for me. I believe they use the trimmings from their BBQ to augment the stock...over time it ends up tasting funky and bitter. Many people like this flavour profile, but I don't. I prefer the fresh tasting stocks of places like Peaceful, Legendary, etc where they only use bones, etc to make it.