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Apr 2, 2008 01:25 PM

What to do with pre-made Pesto Sauce

I have never worked with it before and got a big tub of it from Costco. Any ideas how to use it?

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  1. I like a good smear on a sandwich with sweet butter and good ham.

    1. Other sandwich ideas: sliced tomato, arugula, fresh mozzarella and pesto; pesto and grilled chicken breast; pesto, roasted peppers and onions and sliced mozzarella; grilled portabella and pesto; non-sandwich: filled portabellas or other mushrooms with pesto and broil; top halved tomatoes with pesto and broil; pasta of course; cold pasta salad with vegetables like peppers, scallions, small cubes of cheese, tomatoes or sun dried tomatoes. You may tire of pesto items before your big tub is empty - maybe freeze some in ice cube trays for later use.

      1. Besides the great ideas already posted ...
        --dollop swirled into soup
        --mixed with a little mayo for a pestomayonnaise is also great on sandwiches
        --use on pizza in addition to or in replacement of tomato sauce
        --the cold pesto salad we like in the summer is orzo and pesto (all room temp) and then some sprinkling of sundried tomato on top
        --served just to spread on crostini as a before dinner snack or picnic food

        We also freeze our pesto in icecube trays (then pop them out into a ziploc). It's very convenient for future uses.

        1. Mixed into sour cream it makes a delicious dip for a crudité platter, and tossed with rinsed-and-drained canned beans (anything from pinto to cannelini to Great Northern) and some added oil and a bit of lemon juice it makes a delightful cold spring or summer dish. But janniecooks understated the case: you WILL get awfully tired of pesto before the tub goes dry, unless you invite the congregation of your church or whatever over for a giant pesto & pasta freeze some. I've read that you shouldn't freeze it if it has nuts and/or cheese in it, and yeah, those can come out tasting a trifle stale, so to avoid any chance of freezer burn I would suggest closed plastic containers instead of ice cube trays. Rubbermaid makes some very nice little half-pint or so plastic tubs, and that's just enough for a pound of spaghetti.

          1. Pesto & cream cheese on a bagel is delicious, maybe add dried or fresh tomatoes
            on a sandwich or crackers with mozzerella and tomato
            on top of a grilled chicken breast
            smoked turkey, provalone, pesto sandwich
            ... I swear I put the stuff on everything

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              Oh, Emmmily! Thanks for the wonderful memory, which I had long forgotten! My dad (a former chef) used to make fresh pesto and we would smear it on a bagel with just a hint of cream cheese. It truly is divine.