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Apr 2, 2008 01:19 PM

Who has the best Thai in Raleigh?

I love Thai food and I was wondering which restaurants do you all find the best?

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  1. I drive 30min just to go to Thai Villa, my fav in Raleigh by far.

    Thai Villa
    1319 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606

    1. I really love Lemongrass way in north Raleigh (Litchford Rd.) and I actually like Taste of Thai on Falls of Neuse quite well. I think Taste of Thai may be a little more mainstream and Lemongrass a tad more authentic, but they are both quite yummy to me! Also went to something like Sawasidee (sp?) on Capital and it was just o.k., in my opinion.

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        My (Thai) wife and I spent some time in the Raleigh-Durham area recently and went to three Thai places. Here's how we rated them based on authenticity of the food:

        Thai House Cuisine
        East Gate Shopping Center
        1408 Hardimont Road, Raleigh, NC
        919-878-3379 and 919-878-3382
        This is an excellent Thai restaurant, one of the best we have found in NC.

        Thai Lanna
        5410 NC Highway 55 East, Durham, NC
        This is an another excellent Thai restaurant, and is one that we would definitely go back to. It is located in the Greenwood Commons Shopping Center.

        Thai Cafe
        2501 University Drive, Durham, NC
        919-493-9794 (
        )We rated this place as fair-good

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          Next time you're in the area I recommend that you try Twisted Noodle in Durham and Thai Palace in Chapel Hill-- two of my favorites.

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            Thai Palace in Chapel Hill is already on my list of Thai restaurants in that area to be tried. As for twisted Noodle, I have not been to it but the reviews are kinda mixed. Most say that the food is good, and cheap, but there have been complaints about sketchy service and zero atmosphere. Still, these detractors should not be a show-stopper for someone looking for good grub.

      2. I like Thai House on Hardimont Rd. in Raleigh.

        Thai House Cuisine
        1408 Hardimont Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609

        1. Sawasdee off of Capital Blvd takes top honors in my book.

          Sawasdee Thai Restaurant
          3601 Capital Boulevard, Suite 107
          Raleigh, NC 27604
          919.878-0049 Phone

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          1. re: mr_big

            Sawasdee is my fav as well. They are accurate on the spice chart, prompt friendly service, and fresh ingredients. We have never been disappointed. Esp. enjoy the larb, any curry, thai basil, and in the evening they have a pork dish with lime that is stellar. Have been to Thai House, which is good, but lacks the pop that Sawasdee has. Thai Villa has become a disappointment. Food has been bland, not spicy when asked to be, no fresh herbs. Service has always been good there though. Will be trying Thai Lanna soon. A friend of ours wife works there.
            Also my son's friends mom, who cooks great thai food at home, works at Neo China cary and they were to be adding some Thai dishes that she will be providing instruction for.

          2. Props to whomever suggested Thai Lanna. Great food and nice people.