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Pho Pasteur in Needham Closed, Tu Y Yo taking it's place

So it's bittersweet that the only Vietnamese option in metrowest has shut it's doors, but in it's place is an exciting authentic Mexican restaurant that shuns Tex-Mex. Still I'm going to miss having relatively easy access to pho.

Metrowest is really in dire need of some different restaurants ASAP; Vietnamese, Korean, and an Italian bakery is no where to be found.

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  1. Did this already happen? I know that wickedlocal.com had mentioned this on their site a few weeks ago.

    1. Actually, very exciting. Pho Pasteur there sucked.

      1. Is this a second Tu Y Yo? Or are they moving and closing the one near Tufts?

        1. I didn't know that there was a Pho Pasteur in Needham. But I think this is excellent news! I love Tu Y Yo but don't go there much because of the location. I live in the Metrowest area so this is wonderful news.

          1. Does anyone know where to find an on-line menu for this place? Their website appears to be down. TIA

            1. Apgujung in Newton does good Korean.

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                Thanks for the tip! I live closer to Newton and I was just about to drive to Westboro to try out Sapporo

              2. 2d one opening in Needham will cater more to suburban crowd. Somerville eatery is ok but menu too exotic for metro west (lots of organs, etc.). Suburban restaurant will have more than beer and wine--margaritas to come. Scheduled to open in May according to Needham Times. Cursed locale (Maximilian's for many years, then Iguana Cantina, Duckworth, Erin's Isle, Pho Pasteur, probably 1 that I'm missing). Hard to figure, plenty of parking and right by the fire station in case the chef gets overzealous!

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                  I don't think it is necessarily the location - each of the previous restaurants was TERRIBLE! I'm excited about Tu Y Yo.

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                    Maximilian's - that takes me back!!!

                  2. Hooray for grasshopper empanadas!

                    1. Words cannot describe how happy this news makes me. I don't know anything about the restaurant moving in, but I thought Pho Pasteur was AWFUL. We went there several times because we thought it was related to the other Pho Pasteurs and eventually we realized it was not. (The original Pho Pasteurs changed their names to Le's or something ... because they didn't want to be associated with the Needham one according to the manager I talked with once at the Atrium mall location.)

                      My parents only eat Asian food when they go out, so whenever they didn't want to cook, they would go to Pho Pasteur even though it wasn't great. They eventually gave up, too.

                      I still haven't found a really good Vietnamese (or Thai) place in this area.

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                        The closest one I've found for authentic Vietnamese outside of Boston is Pho So 1, in Randolph. It's a branch of the one in Dorchester, really good, and cheap. But not so close to Needham.

                        Pho Pasteur was not only not good, it was DIRTY. I hope they sandblast the place before they put in Tu Y Yo.

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                          Ok so let me just get this clear- the tiny little vietnamese place (that yes, wasn't the cleanest, but also was the only place to get pho in the needham/westwood area!) is closed?? I was there with my SO's family a month or so ago, and actually had a great bowl of curried tofu and rice noodles... nothing fabulous, but it was a heck of a lot better than many of the options in the area (not your average joes or battling the crowds at Quince on a Saturday night? no thanks). I love Masala Art around the corner, but I live in Davis so am not lacking for yummy- and less yuppified-indian, and have a Tu y Yo down the street. Ah, I guess that's life in the burbs... alas, I'll have to try and convince his family to come up here more often when they want to share a meal !

                          PS: Does anyone else find the rice at Tu Y Yo to be less than fresh? I have had several good meals there and have been thinking of going back recently, but I can't get over the lackluster, mass-produced and ice-cream-scooped rice...

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                            I liked this unpretentious, tasty little Vietnamese place too :(
                            A co-worker and I would regularly go for satisfying, lip-smacking plate of grilled pork chops, fried eggs and fish sauce - for all of six bucks. The waitress was always so sweet, too!