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Apr 2, 2008 01:10 PM

Pho Pasteur in Needham Closed, Tu Y Yo taking it's place

So it's bittersweet that the only Vietnamese option in metrowest has shut it's doors, but in it's place is an exciting authentic Mexican restaurant that shuns Tex-Mex. Still I'm going to miss having relatively easy access to pho.

Metrowest is really in dire need of some different restaurants ASAP; Vietnamese, Korean, and an Italian bakery is no where to be found.

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  1. Did this already happen? I know that had mentioned this on their site a few weeks ago.

    1. Actually, very exciting. Pho Pasteur there sucked.

      1. Is this a second Tu Y Yo? Or are they moving and closing the one near Tufts?

        1. I didn't know that there was a Pho Pasteur in Needham. But I think this is excellent news! I love Tu Y Yo but don't go there much because of the location. I live in the Metrowest area so this is wonderful news.

          1. Does anyone know where to find an on-line menu for this place? Their website appears to be down. TIA