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Apr 2, 2008 01:06 PM

Birthday Dinner in Orange County

I'm looking for a good place for dinner for my wife's birthday. There will be a group of us, so we'd like a place where we could maybe stay and have some drinks. Most of the group is in their early 30's. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. How about narrowing things down... like type of food? Northern, central, or southern OC area?

    1. I'd suggest reserving the large table at Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley.

      1. What kind of food? What is your budget? Do you want a quiet formal traditional tablecloth restaurant, or a casual contemporary tapas/high energy restaurant? Need to know more before recommending.

        1. Is there really a restaurant called shinsengumi? Hahaha, cool . . . anyways, Green Parrot Cafe in Santa Ana, you will love it and you will be part of the elite Chowhound few who have eaten there . . .

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            Yes there is and they have more than one location. Oh and the food is really good too, give it a go!

          2. If you want the ultimate birthday dinner take her to Maestros Ocean Club in Newport Coast, money.