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Apr 2, 2008 01:06 PM


Budvar is being imported under the name Czechvar. The "original" Budweisser......once heard that Michelob was named after Micholovic (sp) the Czech Republic....was it a town , and/or was it a beer as well. If so does it still exist and is it being imported?
Also as a teenager my older brother took me to a Monastery outside Munich called Kloster Andechs.........are any of their products exported? Thanks

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  1. Fine beer though it is (and I wish my A-B distributor would re-stock the local shelves- all I see is the two year old stuff from the previous importer), it's a bit of stretch to call "Budvar/Czechvar" the "original", since the A-B's version was on the market for a few decades before that brewery was founded. (Most credit it's neighbor, Samson (aka Bürgerbräu) , as "the original Budweiser").

    Michelob's name apparently comes from the beer once brewed in the Czech town of Měcholupy.

    See this website for more info-

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      As you know, there are many differing opinions on who was first - or even what constitutes "first" - hence the lawsuits between Budvar and A-B all over the world.

      But there really is no dispute who makes the better beer. ;-)