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Apr 2, 2008 12:46 PM

Park City Upscale Bar dining

Heading to Park City next week for a few days (my first time there). I will be staying right on main street- no rental car. I enjoy eating at the upscale places, but find that most of the time i don't want to (or can't) eat a full three course meal, and sharing a few courses with my companions is more preferable, but doesn't usually make a server all that happy (understandably, since you are monopolizing his or her table for up to two hours). However, it is usually more acceptable at the bar. Does anyone know anything about some of the more interesting restaurant bars at which to eat? Do Mustang or Zoom have bars? Blind Dog, Grappa? Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don;t know where you;ll be sitting, but its hard sometimes to get a table anyway

      I only went to a few places, and 350 Main was the standout.. Food and wine were great, but the whole town is pricey,, thats my recimendation, the other places weren't worth going back to

      good luck


      1. Zoom has a bar and a counter at the kitchen. I usually eat at the kitchen counter. Grappa doesn't have a bar. I can't say for sure abut the Blind Dog and Mustang. One other place that you might want to visit is Shabu (asian food + martini batr). Also, maybe try Jean Louis, which is on the backside of Main St. at the b ottom. Ecclectic menu, ande has a bar.
        Yes, the restaurants are rather on the expensive side. It's a resort town, after all. But, we do have some "locals" spots that offer decent food at decent prices. And, once the ski areas close for the season, many of the restaurants offer 2fers until ski season starts up again. It's my favorite time to get out and try places.
        Be sure to bring your sunscreen! And, remember to drink lots of water when you're here!!! The altitude and our dry humidity make for easy dehydration and headaches.

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          we will be there in August with two young kids, who dine out well but what are the local hotspots or good recs? "decent food at decent prices"

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            thank you for the advice. much appreciated. =)

          2. All I can say is Blind Dog, Blind Dog, Blind Dog. The best restaurant in Pak City period.

            Wish they would consider opening up in Miami!