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Ever thought 'am I the first person EVER to experience this combination?'

So... I needed a high-protein, cold comfort food for breakfast, and came up with scrambled eggs, cottage cheese and smoked trout - all mixed together and refrigerated till the next day. And it was really GOOD. (Even more so for lunch with horseradish sauce mixed in).
And I was thinking - has anyone ever made this combination before? Anywhere?

What have you made/mixed that was just as delicous as you had imagined - which would never appear in a cookbook and so may never EVER have been made before?

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  1. A favorite Jewish food item is lox and eggs and onions, often with cream cheese mixed in -- so you certainly aren't far off that tip. I usually eat it hot but it probably tastes just as good cold.

    1. Here's another similar combo - smoked salmon quiche with sour cream. (I often will add cream cheese to the eggs too)

      1. I'm guessing there's nothing new under the sun...

        1. My daughters fav combo was a hot dog sliced into coins and layered with ketchup, mustard and peanut butter. pretty tasty but weird. Anybody else make this?

          1. I experienced this a couple times, only to find out I was completely wrong. Adding coffee to gravy, for instance.

            1. And hopefully the last.

              Many years ago jfood had some leftover lamb. Wanting to make a sandwich for the next day he combined some mayo with mint jelly and spread it on some toasted bread. Some sliced lamb in between and a big bite.

              If you are imagining how disgusting that light green stuff must have looked, the taste was even worse.

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                You should have used yogurt, jfood!


              2. A few weeks ago I had leftover rice and beans, along with kale and broccoli sauteed in oil and garlic. everything sprinkled with sriracha and soy sauce and topped with a whole avocado cut into big chunks. It was seriously amazing.

                1. Once... then I saw Bourdain in Namibia and was deflated to learn that Wild Boar Anus cooked in Ashes was already a traditional dish invented thousands of years ago.

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                  1. I once turned random Indian take-away leftovers into risotto.

                    go figure!

                    I am sure no-one has, or will, ever again experience the brilliance that was some random palak paneer, a bit of allo ghobi, the sauce from the chicken makhani and a few chunks of chicken in cashew gravy, added to arborio rice cooked with "italian chicken stock"

                    1. toast + peanut butter + dried pork sung (in chinese stores) + pickled radish (wu ling tsai)

                      1. Can of black beans, peanut butter and teriyaki sauce to taste, eaten with tortilla chips- my college roommates used to think I was pregnant when I would make this, but it's so gooooood.

                        1. I make a killer dip with Indian Bharta Bengan, cream cheese and a food processor.

                          1. Maybe it's more common than I think, but I once wanted to add some smoked chili to a standard lentil stew... (Some rice, milk, wet bread, you know the drill)... I picked the wrong jar and ended pouring a whole lot of powdered cinnamon on them; it was actually VERY GOOD.