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Apr 2, 2008 12:32 PM

What to order from barbecue menu at Ohgane?

Hi everyone

I am taking a friend of mine for his birthday to Ohgane on Saturday. I know he is a grill guy (so am I) and I took a look at the menu and saw a bunch of items I have never seen before (or noticed) at other korean restaurants.

I was wondering if anyone had any special recommendations to make. We will be two hungry guys and my buddy has a huuuge appetite - so it may not be outlandish for us to order 3 items.

In the past I always get the spicy pork (Dae gee bul go gi) but the bacon style pork and many beef dishes (how's the tongue?) have also caught my eye...

please recommend away!

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  1. I've tried a lot of grilled things there but the spicy pork is still my favorite. I would not order the skate again.

    1. If you've never had it, try the juk suck seng: cubes of unmarinated beef cooked rare on a hot ceramic stone. It has a nice fresh beef flavor which constrasts the marinade and charcoal in regular Korean barbecue. It's also hard to find at other Korean restaurants in this area.