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Apr 2, 2008 12:14 PM

Group Dining suggestions? Stanton Social a good option?

About 10 of us make up the former and current interns at a nonprofit organization, and we started to do an interns dinner every few months.. we're planning our third one and are looking for someplace thats easily accessible by train and not too out of the way for people that are coming from various parts of the city and outer boroughs.. also we'd like a place where there are a decent amount of entrees that are in the $15 or less price range, for the most part all of us are very open to any type of cuisine (the more ethnic the better in some cases).. last time we went to a Bangladeshi restaurant and before that it was a Lebanese restaurant, the food at the latter was rather expensive and not all that.. quite bland actually (our palettes tend to favor more flavor)

I did receive a suggestion for Isle (been there already, good food but to me the place is a little cozy for a party of 10 to be able to eat and talk to each other comfortably).. someone also mentioned Stanton Social, none of us have been there but I see from the website its very much targeted to large groups and sharing of items.. are the portions large enough to share amongst 10 ppl? or would we have to order multiples of each dish so that all 10 of us get to try a little of each thing?

We're probably going to go on a weekend or Friday night, so if a place is one of those that requires a month in advance reservation then definitely not happening.. hoping to schedule the dinner within the next week or the week after ;)

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  1. Stanton social is good for groups but is most probably more expensive than your price range.
    The Smith is good for your price range, and can cater to 10.
    For more ethnic eats, you might want to try a Japanese izakaya. Riki is my pick for midtown inexpensive, sakagura for midtown expensive.

    1. I haven't been to Stanton Social, but my daughter and a group of friends (at least the size of your party) went there a couple of years ago for a birthday celebration. Her comment to me was that portions were small (they are "small plates"), so they had to order lots of dishes and, in some cases, multiples of each, in order for them not to go away hungry. And that meant the per person tab became quite substantial.

      1. Stanton Social is going to be pretty expensive. If you want to do small plates, Alta is a great alternative. Each small plate is well-executed, reasonably priced and can serve 3-4. Energy is similarly high. Also give consideration to Jeeb on the LES or Kuma Inn.

        1. Agree that Stanton Social will be way too expensive. Their little plates add up fast.

          Why not try Xunta on 1st avenue for tapas or Highline in the Meatpacking district for Thai food. Highline is good for groups and has good food at reasonable prices for the area.

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            Via Emilia is very reasonably priced and I think they can accomodate pretty large groups in their new digs. Cash only, however.

            Right around the corner from N/R stop at 22nd & Broadway, so actually convenient for people from Brooklyn and Queens.

            1. re: mdkane

              In addition to being cash only, Via Emilia does not take reservations.

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                  That must be a relatively recent change. I see it's limited to lunch Mon.-Fri, and dinner Mon. & Tues.