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Apr 2, 2008 12:06 PM

Pomegranates - out of season

Anyone know how to get fresh pomegranates now, out of season?

Are there any international importers or internet companies that might specialize in out of season fruit?

I'm here in the US, NYC actually, and I'm trying to find a few pomegranates for a movie shoot. Unfortunately, the scene calls for cutting into the fruit, otherwise, I'd use fake ones.

Well, if anyone's got suggestions, I'd love to hear them.



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  1. I was just going to post this question. I have a cocktail I want to make that is just perfect with pomegranate seeds and I have no idea how to get my hands on some.

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    1. re: Fizz

      Well, I called a few stores already, and none of them had any suggestions. I'm not even sure that they are in season in other locations at this point.

    2. Have you tried Chinatown?

      I know I've seen some fresh pomegranates in Montreal in several stores. Small, but they are still around. If you are really desperate, you can drive up here (5-6 hours!) but then you'd have to sneak them back across the border... They looked very fresh and nice, so I know someone in the world is exporting them.

      1. Here in Toronto, I think that I've seen some in the last couple of weeks. All the ones I've seen are from California, and their season is over now. If you can't find them in the usual supermarkets, I'd suggest going to a Mideastern or Persian market.

        1. I found the store that bought the last batch of pomegranates from the tail end of the California season crop, and it's in Brooklyn. It's a pain to get over there, but I needed some for a film project. Also, be aware that they are smaller and not as nice looking as the seasonal ones.

          Aron's Fruit Emporium
          in Brooklyn, Borough Park
          5208 13th Ave. (52nd and 53rd.) NY, 11219

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          1. re: foodfan_dan

            I was waiting to hear back. Here in Toronto, we're still getting pomegranates, but now from India. They're smaller and more mottled than the ones from California, which makes one wonder whether pomegranates play to type. I haven't had to buy a pomegranate yet, but will next week... I'll report back on the flavour.

          2. I might also suggest that if time's not an issue try and see if you can get any from a supplier from South America particularly Argentina, Uruguay, or Chile. Pomegranate season is just getting into gear there and they are a fairly known crop there.