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Jun 4, 2002 04:10 AM

Little Saigon? Little Vietnam? Little help?

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Where is Little Saigon or is it Little Vietnam? And where should I eat?

I like Pho alright but not today. I like those neato spring rolls but I want more. Please help.

So I'm thinking Little Saigon is on the way to Long Beach. I'm sure I saw a sign. Just point me in the right direction oh faithful hounds.

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  1. Colin, from which direction dost thou departest? I believe Little Saigon is in Westminster, in the County of Orange.

    Kriss Reed and I ate our way around Little Saigon a while back and hosted a Chow event at Brodards (hmm, the spelling doesn't look right). Check the boards to see what we ate.... as I recall the Ban kot (shrimp appetizer) and something the menu describes as a pizza, but is more like an omelet, is amazing. We ate in several places, but this had the most interesting (and delicious) selection... although we didn't eat at any of the 7 course beef places, and only one of the more upscale French/Vietnamese restaurants.

    You can also find lots of information in Calender live, I think the authentic ethnic section. Wish I knew how to put a link on this.


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      Here is how you put a link on a posting:

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      I have also done this by starting to write a posting, then in the middle of writing the posting gone to another web site to copy a URL, then used my Back button on the browser to get back to my half completed posting to continue.

        1. The section of Vietnamese restaurants and businesses is heavily concentrated along Bolsa, just East of where the 22 intersects the 405. If you're just swinging by stop head to Bolsa @ Magnolia. There is a huge plaza, which gets realllllllyyy packed on weekends. There you'll find a grocery store, a pho '79, another restaurant that specializes in bun, and a bakery that you could spend hours in. There's also a Bank of America that makes it hard to miss(this is the side to park on).It's been a month or two since I've been (I'm about due), and even longer since I've had their goi cuon (spring rolls), but I remember them being good. The difference is really in the peanut sauce accompanying them, unless they skimp on the greens and shrimp. I might be getting back to you really soon, it's been way too long! The bakery also has these prepackaged, if you need pret a manger. The bakery, among the many french-inspired eclaires, fruit tortes, etc, they have candies, snacks, homemade beef jerky, and most importantly Boba shakes. Here, they take generous amounts of your desired fruit and blend with milk, ice, ?. Many flavors including mango, cherymoya (sp?), avocado, and some che selections(green rice strips). Definately worth a trip!

          1. Try "Favori," located on Bolsa (First Street) just east of Harbor Boulevard at 3502 W. 1st in Santa Ana. Blend of French & Vietnamese cuisines, nicer atmosphere than most of the many restaurants in the area. Good spring rolls and other Vietnamese specialties, reasonable but limited wine list. Open for lunch & dinner.

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