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Is there independent coffee in S Florida?

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Hi! I just moved to Boca and it seems to be a Starbucks sort of place. That's fine, but I miss local coffee shops and places that roast their own blends. Any ideas or is this a lost cause? Thanks!

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  1. The Roasted Bean does their own roasting, but they're in south/west Broward. I'd be shocked if there aren't similar cafes in Boca. Cuban coffee shops/bakeries are well worth trying also.

    1. There's a place on Federal just south of the Delray Beach line called Neighborhood Coffee (6020 N Federal Hwy.) I believe that there's another coffee shop on Federal north of Spanish River in a little strip plaza but I don't remember the name. It might be on the east side of Federal.

      There's also Cravings Coffee, Tea & Chocolate shop in the Teeca Plaza at the corner of NW Second Avenue and Yamato Road.

      Unfortunately, I haven't tried any of them so I can't help with a recommendation.

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        I have been to Cravings but it's not a coffee shop per se, but a falafel place and they sell gifts and chocolates too. Must say their falafel and salads were excellent.

      2. Volcanica, in Coral Springs I believe, is supposed to be one of the top roasters in the country. I'm not sure if they have a coffee shop with the roaster, but it would be worth exploring!

        1. If your looking for roasted beans, go to www.theroastedbean.com they have 3 locations in N.W Broward. But you can shop for freshly roasted beans at there web store.

          1. Do any of them sell cupcakes?

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              The Roasted Bean has a decent selection of deserts & pastries which they bake in-house (at least at the Davie location that I visit.) I can't recall if there were cupcakes, but I had a fantastic just-out-of-the-oven chocolate muffin there a few weeks ago...

            2. There are two Senior Coffee's in Plantation & Davie. Absolutely the very best coffee you will find. Organic, roasted on the premisis, from the owner's family coffee plantation in Columbia. I was skeptical, when I first visited, but now we are addicted. My son, who lived in Costa Rica was conveninced that he would never find coffee anywhere like CR, but after his first trip to Senior Coffee, he relented. They are off Sunrise, before Pine Island on the north side - in the shopping center (corner). The other is in the Fruit place on Griffin by the Turnpike.

              1. There's also Baby's Coffee in Key West. Too far to drive for a cup, but you can order it by mail.
                I remember hearing that it's the house brew at Michael's Genuine but that may have changed...